Pros and Cons of Quartz Vinyl Tile

Recently, quartz vinyl tile is becoming more and more popular among both consumers and professional builders. Manufacturers are loudly praising their product, stating its unique characteristics. Is he really that good? Our experts found out all the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

Features and types

Quartz vinyl tile is unique not only in that it is easy to use and has an excellent appearance. This building material has a multilayer structure, represented by the following components:

  1. Base - polyvinyl chloride layer;

  2. The reinforcing element - fiberglass - thanks to it creates a strong balance in the product;

  3. The basis - a vinyl layer with the addition of quartz sand - provides not only high strength products, but also excellent thermal insulation properties;

  4. Decorative layer - upper base - coating with drawing;

  5. The top layer - protective - prevents deformation of the coating under mechanical stress, provides excellent anti-slip properties.

  6. Quartz vinyl tiles can have a variety of shapes, textures, decorative patterns - it is difficult to classify them into such categories. But there is one clear difference between the types of building material - the installation method:

  7. With glue - a special composition helps to securely fix the tile coating;

  8. Using locks - special connections are fixed directly to the elements;

  9. Self-adhesive option - an adhesive base is located on the wrong side of the elements.

Material benefits

Quartz vinyl tiles can be confidently called a high-quality finishing material due to its impressive characteristics. So, the significant advantages of the product:

  1. High degree of strength;

  2. Long service life - up to 15 years;

  3. Resistance to wear - due to the upper protective layer, the coating is not afraid of mechanical damage;

  4. Suitable as a finishing coating for surfaces with a "warm floor" system;

  5. Resistance to chemical attack - the coating is not afraid of acids and household abrasives;

  6. Excellent soundproof properties;

  7. Moisture resistance - quartz vinyl tile is resistant to steam, moisture, water, is not subject to the formation of fungus and mold;

  8. Excellent adhesion - the surface of the material does not slip;

  9. High thermal insulation properties;

  10. Immunity to temperature changes;

  11. The ability to replace individual elements;

  12. Environmentally friendly - there are no harmful compounds in the composition of quartz vinyl tiles, which makes it absolutely safe;

  13. Fire safety - the product is not subject to burning;

  14. Easy installation - laying of the coating is possible even without using the services of a professional builder;

  15. A wide decorative range - thanks to the ability of quartz vinyl tiles to imitate other materials of natural origin, you can choose the best option for any interior.


Quartz vinyl tile, like any other material, also has far from positive features. Let's see how significant they are:

  1. Synthetic origin - in spite of safety for the human body, a product cannot be called natural;

  2. The product is exposed to UV rays - during operation, areas located on the illuminated part of the room will fade over time;

  3. The presence of defects on the floor will appear immediately after laying the material;

  4. Insufficient strength - with prolonged mechanical stress, the quartz vinyl tile will deform (for example, dents may remain from the legs of a heavy cabinet).

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