12 best banquet halls in Moscow

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

When choosing a banquet hall for a festive event, everyone has their own criteria. Some are looking for a room where a large number of people can fit. Others pay attention only to the quality of the dishes and the amount of servings. Third, the status of the place is important to flash in the eyes of relatives. But all in the search is united by one goal, the triumph must be unforgettable and bring a sea of ​​positive. Our experts have compiled a rating of the best places in the capital, where you can plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday and relax with all my heart.

Rating of the best banquet halls in Moscow

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best banquet halls in Moscow 1Elysium 4.9
2Empire 4.8
3Consul 4.8
4Event hall october 4.8
5Ratusha hall 4.7
6Federico 4.7
7Silk 4.6
8Shahin Shah 4.6
9Bellissima 4.5
10Club le chateau 4.5
11PMLOFT 4.5
12Lefort 4.4


Rating: 4.9

This banquet hall is part of the multifunctional complex ICON. The total area of ​​Elysium is 1200 m², which can accommodate up to 450 people with banquet seating. The venue is suitable for various events. Here it is possible to arrange a festive corporate party or a car presentation, a private party or a social party.

The stage of the hall will allow you to place a whole back-line for the ensemble's performance, while Elysium has all the necessary lighting and sound equipment. A big advantage is the screen located at the back of the scene.

The interior of the hall is very concise. The combination of light wood and soft pastel colors creates a cozy atmosphere. Those who at least once used the services of the Elysium banquet hall will want to return here again.


Rating: 4.8

A worthy place in the ranking is occupied by the mansion-estate Empire. This place will be remembered forever for its unique design and variety of menus. A feature of the room is that on each floor there are several halls of various capacities. Here you can note a small family celebration, as well as a grand wedding.

In addition to delicious dishes, the Empire boasts a wonderful organization of holidays. There is a large selection of lighting and sound equipment. There are exclusive offers for the design of the hall with banquet furniture. Tables for 8, 10 and 12 people are round and rectangular. Car owners will appreciate the free parking for 50 cars.

Among the entertainment services, we offer our own show program and a modern karaoke system with an up-to-date update. And so that the holiday is remembered for its brightness, the organizers offer to order fireworks.


Rating: 4.8

This high-ceilinged hall is located in the former Imperial Lyceum. Today, the building of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located here. Earlier, under the arches of the Lyceum, receptions were repeatedly held with the participation of the royal family. Now, the Consul organizes receptions even at the highest level.

There are 2 banquet rooms at the guests' service: a small one from 45 to 100 people and a large one for 150-500 people. The area of ​​the room allows you to arrange a small wedding party or a chic buffet. Any event held here will be remembered for its sophistication and unique style.

The experienced staff of the Consul banquet hall will help to organize the celebration according to the highest requirements. Here you can order room decoration and a festive program. There are 3 cuisines to choose from: Russian, Uzbek and European. The menu will surprise even the most discerning person.

Event hall october

Rating: 4.8

The next place in the ranking is held by the Event Hall banquet complex. The clients are offered rooms of various designs and capacities. This will help to hold an event of any format: a business meeting at the international level, a corporate party or a family celebration.

The author’s cuisine from the chef combines elements of Russian abundance, Asian piquancy and Italian luxury. The variety of dishes can be confusing and surprise even the most experienced customers. The banquet manager will help you make your choice. He will make the evening menu at the request of the customer and arrange a tasting.

Competent employees will help to arrange an event of any level, taking all the organizational moments upon themselves. Wedding celebrations, anniversaries, business meetings, conferences are no longer a problem. You can rent a room you like for several hours or days.

Ratusha hall

Rating: 4.7

The splendor of this banquet hall will not go unnoticed and will be appreciated. Huge semicircular windows, brick walls, high ceilings and voluminous chandeliers - coming here as if you are in a different era. This design is suitable for different occasions, presentation, conference or a luxurious wedding, here you can hold any event.

The area of ​​200 m² can accommodate up to 170 people. Free secure parking is provided for guests. The menu will amaze you with its variety; author's cuisine will delight any gourmet. Alcohol is allowed to bring with you.

Experienced staff will help organize events. At the customer’s service, room decoration, animators, DJs, artists may be invited. All the necessary equipment and lighting are available here. And thanks to the successful location of the premises, noisy parties are allowed to be held even after 23:00.


Rating: 4.7

The next position in the ranking is held by the Federico banquet complex. The classic style of this place is suitable for events of any direction and level. Here, sitting comfortably on the soft sofas of a large hall, you can hold a presentation or a lavish wedding for up to 500 people. The small hall is suitable for quiet family dinners or children's parties from 10 people.

The menu of the complex is represented by dishes of Russian, European and, of course, Italian cuisine. Visitors will appreciate the collections of French and Italian wine, and other strong drinks. The variety of tea varieties that amaze with their taste qualities will also please.

And so that the event will be remembered not only by the magnificence of dishes, the banquet hall entertainer will help to choose and conduct a program taking into account the wishes of the customer. This may include games, contests, karaoke. And the gorgeous fireworks will end the evening program.


Rating: 4.6

And this complex will accommodate a large number of guests, up to 600 people. The room is designed for events of any level, because there are 7 rooms with different interiors. There is even a winter garden where you can hold any family celebration.

The team of the complex works flawlessly, creating excellent service for customers. Within the walls of this institution are marked all significant events in human life. There are regular customers who once celebrated a wedding here, then the appearance of the first-born, and subsequently children's birthdays and family anniversaries.

The advantage of the complex is the ability to arrange an event in the fresh air. The cuisine is very diverse and is represented mainly by the masterpieces of the Russian and European menus. There are also original dishes in the arsenal and its own pastry shop. For guests' convenience, there is a small secure parking near the complex.

Shahin Shah

Rating: 4.6

A worthy place in the ranking is the banquet hall Shahin Shah. The rich decoration of this place allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and visit an oriental tale. Unusually, such splendor is combined with grace and striking an impeccable taste. Here you can forget about monotonous everyday life and relax as your soul asks.

The menu is presented by dishes of the Caucasian and Eastern forge. Only in Shahin Shah you can try real baklava as a dessert. And diversify the holiday evenings of live music. Visitors with children should not worry that the baby is squeamish and asks to go home. There is a playground for games, master classes are held, there are kits for creativity and drawing.

The total capacity of 220 people, this will mark a major family celebration. But you can book a table for several people, sitting comfortably in the Bungalow house. For car owners, parking is provided.


Rating: 4.5

The advantage of this institution is the availability of special vegetarian cuisine. But the capacity is slightly less than in previous rooms. Bellissima is designed for 120 people for a buffet.

Reviews mark the unusual setting. There are 3 rooms, and each is interesting in its own way. Here, elegant decoration borders on a strict style of design. Suitable for family celebrations and corporate events. Often celebrated in Bellissima and children's events. A plus is the availability of modern music and lighting equipment. There are plasma panels and a projector.

Experienced staff of the institution will help draw up an entertainment program for the holiday. Offers a selection of contests, fireworks and a variety of special effects.

Club le chateau

Rating: 4.5

The next place in the ranking is Club Le Chateau. This place is ready to offer to organize any celebration, remembered for its colorfulness and originality. The staff of the complex has an individual approach to each client, helping to realize the most unusual ideas. When organizing a holiday, Club Le Chateau employees do not use template ideas. They know how to think creatively.

The same approach is used when compiling a restaurant menu. It perfectly combines the masterpieces of Russian and European cuisines, as well as modern fusion trends. In addition, the chef will delight visitors with original dishes, not leaving indifferent even the most demanding critics.

Car enthusiasts will appreciate their own free and secure parking facility. In addition to all the above advantages, the reviews show affordable prices set at Club Le Chateau.


Rating: 4.5

This banquet complex is famous for its unusual interior. The atmosphere in PMLOFT is chic, it is spacious here, but at the same time it is cozy here, as if at home. Ceiling height reaches 4.5 m. The event can be held both indoors and outdoors, on the veranda. The advantage of the institution is that the territory is completely closed and guarded. Here you can have fun until the morning.

The menu of the complex is rich in original dishes. All products are fresh, food is prepared on the day of the banquet. It is noteworthy that separately here you can order a children's menu, taking into account the preferences of small gourmets.

PMLOFT is famous for its original serving and stylish serving. The staff is always polite and considerate. You can choose from several seating plans for guests. If the standard conditions are not satisfied, you can choose the option taking into account the wishes of the customer.


Rating: 4.4

The last position in the ranking is held by the Lefort banquet hall, with a capacity for up to 350 people. When organizing a buffet reception, it is possible to accommodate up to 450 people in one room. The decoration of the establishment is no frills, but with style. Suitable for conferences, presentations, seminars, children's events. But more often than not, weddings are held here. The newlyweds liked the place not only for their beautiful design, but also for the tasty menu and affordable prices.

You can choose from dishes of Russian, Armenian, Caucasian, Italian, Korean, Uzbek and European cuisine. There is a menu for children. Small fidgets will also be pleased with small corners specially equipped for their needs.

Lefort Banquet Hall staff will offer entertainment events such as bartenders, dance shows, chocolate fountains and pianos. The area of ​​the hall allows guests to land according to any of the 8 proposed schemes. Car enthusiasts are waiting for a surprise in the form of free parking for 20 cars.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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