10 best manufacturers of automation for gates

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Automatic gates for the home and garage simplify entry and exit, without requiring the driver to go outside. This is especially true in bad weather. Management is carried out with a remote control, the range of which is 50 m and can be increased due to the antenna. At enterprises, automation optimizes the checkpoint, allowing you to control the flow of numerous cars entering and leaving the territory. According to the configuration of the opening, the gates are sliding (on rollers), swinging, sectional, rotary and rolling (dropping up or folding). Choosing high-quality automation for the gates will help our rating of the best manufacturers, which has collected the TOP-10 companies with positive customer reviews and good product characteristics.

Rating of the best manufacturers of automation for gates

Nomination a place Manufacturerrating
Rating of the best manufacturers of automation for gates 1CAME 5.0
2FAAC 4.9
3Nice 4.8
4Marantec 4.7
5Roger 4.6
6Hormann 4.5
7Doorhan 4.4
8Liftmaster 4.3
9Bft 4.2
10Beninca 4.1


Rating: 5.0

In the first place of the rating is the Italian manufacturer of automation, which produces goods not only for garages, courtyards and territories, but also is engaged in full automation of building management. The product range includes motors with brackets for swing gates, opening systems for sectional lifting and swinging motors, motors with control units for sliding gates. In terms of power, automation and actuators are designed for both domestic and industrial use. The brand has been operating since 1972 and today has 480 official dealers in 118 countries, including Russia. Customers especially praise the Axi Brown line in their reviews, which does not have protruding parts and is designed to be installed on gates that are closely pressed against the columns when opened. For forged products, the manufacturer offers a separate Krono series, which merges as much as possible with twisted rods.

According to our experts, this is the best manufacturer in the ranking due to the combination of dimensions and power of the motors. Small automation is able to swing open a sash weighing 1000 kg and a length of 8 m.


  • there are drives for 220 and 24 V;
  • adjustable opening time;
  • automation is available for all types of hardware configurations;
  • the mass of the sliding flaps can reach 3500 kg;
  • convenient control panels.


  • high price;
  • opening angle does not exceed 90 degrees;
  • for high-quality fastening of the brackets, mortgages in the columns are necessary.


Rating: 4.9

The second place in the ranking belongs to another Italian company, FAAC Group. The brand with automation has been represented on the world market for more than 50 years. The manufacturer has its own research center, where developers are working on new types of drives and other details. In total, the company owns 42 own patents in this area. The concern has 32 branches on five continents, as well as 80 authorized dealers, so buying original products with the Made in Italy sign will not be a problem. Consumers in the reviews note the possibility of powering the automation from the backup battery, which is practical in case of a power outage. But you can open the gate manually, removing the lock.

Our experts liked the manufacturer because of the presence of underground drives, which not every competitor in this rating has. Such models are poured into concrete under the gate, and serve as supporting hinges. Due to the presence of engines, they at the right time independently open and close. Hidden installation does not spoil the design, does not take up space on the outside and does not limit the movement of paintings.


  • an extensive dealer network in the CIS and Europe;
  • Automation serves 10 years or more;
  • there are electromechanical and hydraulic actuators;
  • the equipment is designed for sash widths from 1.8 to 7 m;
  • automation on 24 and 220 V.


  • high price;
  • the remote control is quickly overwritten (no inscriptions on the buttons are visible);
  • rubber buttons sometimes break;
  • remotes from other companies do not fit in frequency (you only need 868 or 433 MHz).


Rating: 4.8

The Italian manufacturer, which began operations in 1990, is again at the third level of the rating. Over almost a 30-year history, the products managed to enter the world market and became one of the most recognizable brands in the field of automation for gates, barriers and other means of access control. The manufacturer is constantly working to improve products, so the automation is equipped with smooth start and stop functions, the ability to connect backup power, the distribution of the lead and slave roles or partial opening for pedestrian access. Judging by the reviews, the manufacturer’s automation is simply programmed and serves properly, but the gate must be grounded, otherwise, when the motor winding is broken, the voltage will be transmitted to the sashes.

In our opinion, the manufacturer deserves a place in the ranking due to the presence of a super-powerful drive for sliding gates with a weight of up to 1200 kg. This may not allow all competitors. Despite the weight of the sash, the opening or closing speed is 37 cm in 1 second. This is optimal for enterprises in the territory of which large equipment enters, and a large opening and quick execution are needed.


  • there are drives of all types;
  • particularly narrow form of linear mechanisms;
  • two control panels are supplied;
  • automation has a self-diagnosis;
  • an unlocking mechanism is provided for manual opening (if there is no electricity).


  • high price;
  • not all motors are designed for frequent use (up to 9 cycles per hour maximum);
  • operating temperature -20 ... +40 degrees is not suitable for the northern regions.


Rating: 4.7

The fourth in the ranking is the manufacturer Marantec. Its products are called Comfort and are divided into series by numbers 200, 300, etc., which determines the power of the equipment. Almost all products are equipped with Blueline technology, which reduces power consumption. Marantec reviews indicate that customers like product design. The equipment cases are made in black or white, which is convenient to combine with the overall exterior of the fence or facade. There are interesting vertical drives in the form of columns with a height of 1.3 and 1.6 m, which saves space along the fence.

According to our experts, the manufacturer deserves a place in the ranking of the best due to the presence of automation that works exclusively from the battery. Such equipment is independent of 220 V power supply and has its own battery. The control panel always shows its status and the need for recharging. If desired, a solar panel can be connected to it and the entire device will be able to independently function from solar energy. This is true for spacious areas or remote objects, so as not to pull wires to them.


  • all products are tested and certified;
  • series for industrial and ordinary gates;
  • quiet engine operation;
  • soft start and slowdown before closing;
  • Energy Saving Technologies.


  • high price;
  • on the official website low-quality photos that make it difficult to choose;
  • automation for sliding gates of the 860 and 880 series of huge sizes.


Rating: 4.6

In fifth place in the ranking is another Italian manufacturer, which began operations in 1981. Today, the company has 5 factories producing products labeled Made in Italy, and goods are sold in 100 countries. A separate achievement of the manufacturer was the development in 2010 of a Brushless digital motor and an assistant to it, a digital controller operating at a low voltage of 24 V. Other companies were able to achieve this later, so for some time Roger supplied its motors to competitors Came and Nice. In the reviews, consumers praise the high security of the automation radio channels from unauthorized interference - only the owner will be able to open the gate. Thanks to the installation of an additional antenna, the response range of the automation can be increased to 150 m, which will allow you to open the wings in advance, without stopping before entering.

We put the manufacturer in the rating due to the release of drives that can handle a mass of sliding gates up to 2.2 tons. Another manufacturer offers the organization of lifting shutters for garages with an opening area of ​​up to 16 m², which has few analogues for other TOP-10 participants.


  • high quality and long service life;
  • products have been tested in Russian realities for 10 years;
  • silent operation of electric motors and belt drives;
  • protection against magnetic interference;
  • black and gray cases for various design.


  • sometimes the key fob buttons in the pocket are pressed accidentally;
  • flimsy plastic housing of the control unit;
  • high price.


Rating: 4.5

Sixth in our ranking was the German manufacturer Hormann. It produces automation for all types of gates. The equipment is equipped with BiSecur radio technology, which is able to request information about the condition of the valves. The equipment has the function of recognizing an obstacle and will stop the course of the blade if it collides with a car or person. A distinctive feature of the manufacturer is the release of remote controls with a varnished surface, which prevents plastic mashing and helps to maintain an attractive appearance of the product, despite many years of operation. The company gives a guarantee of 10 years on some actuators, which emphasizes the reliability of automation.

We put the manufacturer in the rating, because in addition to automation, it also launches the gate itself. This is convenient for global changes or new construction, where you can order gates to individual sizes, equipped with any kind of automatic control. Customers in reviews especially like the lift-swivel models that do not take up space outside and inside the garage.


  • complete set with two remotes;
  • 10 year warranty for automation;
  • silent plowing;
  • compact design of lever drives;
  • open 50% faster in time than competitors.


  • high price;
  • poor technical support;
  • sometimes the settings get lost and you have to reprogram.


Rating: 4.4

The seventh step of the rating is given to the domestic manufacturer, which appeared in 1994. The company is engaged in the manufacture of gates and doors, as well as automation for them. Among the implemented systems, in addition to swing and sliding, there are roll-up systems that save space near the race. The catalog of the company contains automatic equipment even for hangar doors with spans 10-20 m long. Many customers like the elegant design of remote controls with a thin body and the removal of control keys to the top, which they report in reviews. These devices are able to check the status of the gates, showing the indicator they are closed or open, which is practical in bad weather, and allows you not to go outside for visual control.

The manufacturer was rated as the best in the production of automation for operation in severe frosts. Numerous reviews and videos show that the equipment is working properly in Irkutsk and Kemerovo at a street temperature of -35 ... -40 degrees. Other manufacturers from the rating do not all have similar automation that can function correctly in extreme weather conditions, so residents of cold regions should pay attention to the products of this brand.


  • individual adjustment of the closing and opening phases;
  • silent work;
  • remote status check;
  • ergonomic form of remotes;
  • temperature range -40 ... +50 degrees.


  • high price;
  • galvanized components may become rusty;
  • all products for outdoor installation in black.


Rating: 4.3

The eighth place in the rating was given to the manufacturer Chamberlain Group, which owns the German brand LiftMaster. The company was founded back in 1906 and today has industrial facilities in Canada, the USA and Germany. The manufacturer specializes in the production of automation with DC motors and the ability to self-test the system. A three-channel remote control is provided for control. Developers are constantly experimenting with actuators, testing new versions of belt and chain transmissions. All models support a smooth ride by affecting the tractive effort from 16 to 100 kg, which affects the response speed. In the event of a collision with an obstacle, an automatic return stroke is triggered, so a car or an animal caught in the opening during closing will not be affected.

We put the manufacturer in the rating, because a 40 W bulb is attached to each set of executive equipment, which turns on immediately when the leaves move and continues to light for another 150 seconds after stopping. This allows you to comfortably enter the gates of the garage or yard, without using external lighting of the territory or premises.


  • feedback to control the position of the gate;
  • compact axial drives;
  • industrial and domestic series;
  • setting travel limits;
  • electronic self-diagnosis.


  • difficult to buy a spare remote;
  • radio control breaks down;
  • The official website is in German only;
  • there are models with plastic gears.


Rating: 4.2

In ninth place is BFT, whose manufacturing facilities are located in China. Products under this brand have a low price compared to other competitors (about 50-60% cheaper). But despite the availability, quality remains high. The manufacturer offers automation with the ability to adjust the swinging speed, deceleration and acceleration functions, powered by a single-phase network and a backup source. The brand’s advantage is EELink’s own development, which programs the system (blocks, key fobs) and remembers the entered settings, saving them on a mobile device. If the equipment fails, then the owner does not have to bother for a long time - just download the data from your mobile PC and everything will be restored.

According to our experts, the manufacturer rightfully takes a place in the ranking due to sensitive photocells. They help stop the sash not at the moment of touch, like other manufacturers, but a few centimeters from an obstacle (for example, a car body), which will not only prevent dents, but also save paint. The cost of automation for gates at this company is one of the most affordable.


  • black and gray color of cases;
  • detailed installation instructions;
  • Fast-net mounting technology for quick installation of automation on any gate;
  • work with 220 and 24 V;
  • backup power systems.


  • bulky remote controls;
  • Do not release equipment for roller shutters.


Rating: 4.1

Our rating is completed by another brand, well-known in the world. Beninca has factories in various countries, including Russia. Available automation for gates contains devices for garage and industrial structures, sliding and hinged sashes, as well as additional accessories (flashlights, blocks, remotes, barriers). Customers in the reviews like that the gate does not require a lock - all drives keep the door tight and prevent unauthorized opening.At the same time, if the lights are turned off, it will be possible to leave the garage using the key that unlocks the lock. The well is protected by a plug so that water does not accumulate during the operation of the gate in the yard.

The manufacturer is placed in the rating of the best because of the release of stylish signal converters. They are offered in various colors and can be placed at a distance of 100 m from the gate itself, for example in a house. This allows you, when leaving the room, to start the opening of the gates of the yard or garage, and not to use a pocket keychain at this moment. Even for sliding gates, the manufacturer offers automation with the ability to move the sash weighing 4.5 tons. Not all companies can provide this.


  • linear, lever and axial drives for swing gates;
  • ultrathin telescopic attracting devices;
  • quick setup of equipment through a portable device;
  • unlocking the gate with a key.


  • the button may not work from the first press;
  • the arrangement of the keys in a vertical row on the remote is inconvenient (especially pressing the bottom button).

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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