The 6 Best Hansa Cookers

* Review of the best according to the editors of About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The cooking process with modern appliances has become much easier than before. A special place among appliances is occupied by a stove with an oven, since it is on it that a variety of dishes are fried, boiled, stewed and steamed. Everyone wants to have a suitable stove in the kitchen that meets the requirements, fits into the interior and has an acceptable price tag. Stores provide a wide selection of a wide variety of cookers from renowned manufacturers.

From a large list of companies producing large household appliances, such brands as Bosch, Samsung, Indesit, Electrolux, Ariston and Hansa are especially popular. In today's article, let's talk about the German brand Hansa and consider the stoves produced under her name.

Our experts conducted a thorough analysis of the home appliance market, and also took into account the opinions of ordinary users in order to make an objective rating, which included 6 Hansa stoves.

How to choose a stove

  1. Varieties. There are three major categories: gas - well-known gas-powered appliances. They are installed in apartments and houses with a gas pipeline. The most common in Russia and the CIS. True, cooking on such a stove is more difficult, because fire, if the rules are followed incorrectly, can quickly burn products, turning them into coals; electric - work, as the name implies, from electricity. They heat the dishes and contents more evenly, so it will be much easier for beginners to work with such a stove. They have many additional functions and programs that help in cooking by literally doing everything for the user, just press the appropriate button. Modern models are safe, which is also very important, especially if there are small children in the house; combined - can work both from gas and from electricity. Such plate options are much more expensive. Only suitable for those who often move, taking equipment with them to new housing, where, for example, there may be a gas pipeline. For everyone else, the purchase will be inappropriate.
  2. Hob. The surface is made of different materials and may have a special coating. The most popular and inexpensive are enameled. They are found exclusively on gas stoves. They can last up to 50 years, if you properly care for the surface. Sometimes chips may appear with a strong blow. Stainless steel hobs are also strong and durable, but cost more. Stainless steel quickly loses its presentable appearance, as even the smallest scratches are visible on it. Glass-ceramic appeared relatively recently. They are found only in electric models. They are safe, because only the outlined part intended for kitchen utensils is heated. Tempered glass hobs are cheaper than glass ceramic and easier to clean. But with improper care and careless use, the surface is covered with noticeable scratches.
  3. Oven. Ovens are gas and electric. Hinged cover plates are inexpensive, but are considered obsolete. Models with a retractable trolley will be slightly more expensive, but also convenient. When choosing the volume of the oven, proceed from the number of people on whom you will need to cook. For a family of 2-3 there will be enough oven for 40-50 liters, and for a large one of 3 or more people - 60-80 liters.
  4. Control. The mechanical type is a rotary switch that controls the power of the burner and more. Of the minuses, quick contamination and difficult cleaning of the handles, as well as the inability to set the exact temperature, can be noted. Such models are more suitable for older people who are more difficult to get used to new technologies. Electronic - allows you to set the required temperature with an accuracy of a degree. It is controlled by touch buttons. In stoves of this type, usually electronic devices, there are often automatic modes that are already programmed to cook common dishes.

Rating of the best Hansa cookers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Hansa Electric Cookers 1 Hansa FCIW53000 33 665 ₽
2 Hansa FCCX59129 26 912 ₽
3 Hansa fccw53019 15 982 ₽
4 Hansa FCEW53001 11 109 ₽
Best Hansa gas stoves 1 Hansa fcgw53021 17 550 ₽
2 Hansa fcgw51001 9 650 ₽

Best Hansa Electric Cookers

Hansa FCIW53000

Rating: 4.9

In the first place in the rating category is a model with four induction hobs of different capacities. The hob is made of glass ceramics. Heating occurs only if you put utensils on the burners. Such a stove is suitable for families with small children, because the baby will not be able to get burned, as the surface always remains cold. An electronic control unit that allows you to adjust the power is located on the work surface, which is much more convenient than when it is on the side. The 65 liter oven is equipped with an electric grill function. Here, control is already taking place with the help of rotary controls. In a drawer for dishes fit not only baking sheets with pans, but also low pots.


  • one oversized burner - 21 cm;
  • 8 oven modes;
  • convection;
  • three-layer glass in the door.


  • high cost - 37 thousand rubles

Hansa FCCX59129

Rating: 4.8

The second line is given to a stove with a glass-ceramic surface and a large oven with a volume of 66 liters. Unlike the previous one, the burners are ordinary, electric, in the amount of four pieces. Two of them are double-circuit, to make it more convenient to use large dishes, for example, a lingonberry. The dimensions of the model are standard (60 x 50 cm), so the product is suitable for most kitchens. The oven has an electric grill function, a backlight and a timer, and the oven is also equipped with a skewer. Management is made by rotary regulators. The informative display displays the parameters set by the user.


  • saving electricity consumption;
  • convection;
  • three-layer glass in the door;
  • drawer for dishes.


  • relatively expensive - 28 thousand p.

Hansa fccw53019

Rating: 4.7

The fourth position is occupied by a four-burner stove, where two hobs of increased diameter are 18 cm. The hob, like the two previous models, is made of heat-resistant glass ceramics. The residual heat indicator will prevent burns. The volume of the oven here is 69 liters, therefore, the stove should be considered for families with a large number of people. Having such a kitchen assistant, you can completely bake a bird for a feast, for example, a turkey or a goose. The control of the stove is mechanical, carried out using rotary controls. Users note that over time, the handles begin to turn tighter, apparently due to ingress of dirt.


  • HiLight burners
  • easy oven cleaning;
  • backlight;
  • a cupboard;
  • reasonable cost - 19 thousand rubles


  • the door is heated (double-layer glass);
  • no convection.

Hansa FCEW53001

Rating: 4.5

The fourth model is an electric stove with a high class of energy consumption, which saves the family budget. The hob has a white enamel finish. The four burners are divided into two pairs here, with a diameter of 18 and 14.5 cm. They make it possible to cook in different sizes at the same time. The oven has a large volume of 69 liters, so the stove is perfect for large families and cook lovers. For the sake of economy, the manufacturer installed only two glasses in the oven door, so it heats up at maximum temperatures. Mechanical control, it works properly even after a while. The spacious drawer located at the bottom helps not only in the storage of kitchen utensils, but also in the removal of heat.


  • 2 oven modes;
  • budget cost - 13 thousand rubles


  • there are no indicators of residual heat.

Best Hansa gas stove

Hansa fcgw53021

Rating: 4.8

In the first place is a classic four-burner gas stove. One has increased power, due to which it heats up faster, saving the user time. The hob is made of stainless steel. Management of mechanical type, with the help of rotary controls, which are easy to control the power of the fire. There is also a convenient electric ignition option built into the handle. The volume of the oven is 58 liters, which will be enough for a family of 3-5 people. The gas control function ensures safety. The electric grill and spit, which comes complete with the stove, helps to evenly fry dishes, creating a delicious crust.


  • thermoregulation;
  • burners of different diameters;
  • oven lighting;
  • timer with a sound signal;
  • easy to clean enamel;
  • a cupboard.


  • the door may heat up (double-pane glass);
  • relatively expensive - 18500 p.

Hansa fcgw51001

Rating: 4.7

Closes the rating category easy to use and practical model. The hob has a durable enamel coating that is easy to clean and does not scratch even when exposed to abrasives. Four burners of a special design of different power and diameter allow you to choose the optimal one for each task. The 58 L oven makes it possible to bake a whole bird or bake large pies. Thanks to the backlight, the user does not need to open the door to control the process. Management, like the previous model, is mechanical.


  • gas saving up to 12%;
  • gas control function;
  • a cupboard;
  • budget cost - 9800 p.


  • the door may heat up (double-pane glass).

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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