20 best online PC games

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The modern video game industry is so unimaginably huge that it’s impossible for a beginner gamer to blindly choose a game for himself without blindly searching for half his life. The Ecdfburma editorial staff will help you reduce this search to a minimum - we have prepared for you a review of the "very-most", squeezing the brightest products of video game development studios with one main condition - these games do not require a console, and you can play them on the usual (albeit powerful enough) PC.

When compiling the rating, our experts selected games that were relevant and popular at the beginning of 2019, regardless of how many years ago their first versions were released. Also, the average gaming preferences of our compatriots were taken into account. Those games that are not included in the review, but by all indications are worthy of attention, we will consider in the next, more narrowly-related issues. As for MMORPGs, we already considered this genre a little earlier as a separate special issue.

Rating of the best online games for PC

Nomination a place online game rating
The best online shooters for PC 1Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) 5.0
2Overwatch 4.9
3Battlefield 5 4.8
4Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 4.7
The best racing, action games and MOBA online for PC 1Crossout 5.0
2GTA Online 4.9
3DiRT Rally 4.8
4DOTA 2 4.7
5Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) 4.6
6Star conflict 4.5
The best tactical shooters, military arcade games and PC simulations 1World of tanks 5.0
2World of warships 4.9
3War thunder 4.8
Best Online PC Strategies 1Age of Empires 2 HD 5.0
2Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia 4.9
3Starcraft 2 4.8
Best Online Sandboxes for PC 1Minecraft 5.0

The best online shooters for PC

The first selection in the review is online shooters or, in our opinion, "shooters." This is the most popular genre and such a demand is obvious - shooters allow you to get vivid emotions from the first minutes of the game, do not require a character pumping for many hours or even many days (in most cases), do not force you to think hard and plan strategies, do not impose long-term obligations to other online participants , amenable to rapid development. It is also an easy way to quickly relieve stress, relax after a busy day and at any time to stop the game without a twinge of conscience.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Online Game Rating (PC): 5.0

The legendary game opens the selection, and to be precise, its updated online version for the PC Global Offensive. The abbreviation CSGO is well known even to people who are indifferent to computer games, but who spend at least some time in a live online space.

After the unsuccessful release of the continuation of the original game - CS Source - few believed that the immortal classics could be revived, but Valve succeeded. The secret of the overwhelming success of the first game was in its simplicity. It was decided to leave the game mechanics practically unchanged - it’s enough to buy weapons at the very beginning, and you can go destroy the enemies in full.

Two more have been added to the two initial game modes (for terrorists or for liberators): GunGame - you need to methodically kill enemies, getting more and more advanced weapons, the 26th frage must be "sentenced" with a knife; "destruction of the object" - one team must blow up a certain point in the minimum time, the second should try to prevent this.

The updated online game expanded the range of weapons - added grenades with napalm, fake "shooting" grenades, Molotov cocktails. Many graphic designs for each type of weapon. In general, in CSGO, the graphics are completely redone for modern standards. The Source engine, although today is far from the "last peep", its capabilities the developers have "squeezed out in full" - excellent rendering of details, excellent physics.

There are also some changes in the online game that fans met without much enthusiasm. So, the return of weapons in CSGO is already very expressive - in order to conduct aimed fire at several enemies, making a frag per shot, you need to be a real master. Running a fast section under heavy fire also fails - when hit in a character, his movement slows down significantly, the streak of life does not recover by itself.

In general, CSGO is a definite success. They started talking about Counter Strike again, and how! Many newcomers joined the huge army of old-timers, who did not find the peak of popularity of the first game due to age. Average online in places breaks records.


  • exciting dynamics;
  • extended set of game modes;
  • updated graphics with excellent physics and detail;
  • huge community of fans and impressive online.


  • many do not like the too strong return of weapons, which makes it almost impossible to serial "distribution" of headshots.


Online game rating (PC): 4.9

Continues the rating of the best online PC games according to Ecdfburma, a very specific shooter with elements of PVP, role-playing, action and MOBA by Blizzard - Overwatch. Cartoon online shooter with a number of features and "dissimilarities" came out quite recently - in 2016, and quickly won a large audience of fans. In addition to the PC, Overwatch also has versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The background of events originates in the conflict of people and machines in the relatively near future. To preserve and maintain peace on the planet, a special unit of heroes was created, which was called Overwatch. The organization did an excellent job and was even dissolved as unnecessary, but was soon rebuilt to deal with a new threat - growing crime.

You have to choose from about twenty game characters of "your", pick up like-minded people online in a team and go to a variety of locations to restore justice. In this case, you can perform one of three roles: damage - in fact, causing damage and destroying targets; tank - high endurance and increased strength armor, such characters are the first to go into battle and the first to take a hit; support - strengthening other heroes, healing, other useful supporting actions.

The peculiarity of this online PC game is the need for careful planning of the tactics of the future battle, as the battles last only 15 minutes. As for the game modes - there is really a wide choice here: point capture, escort, PvE missions, against artificial intelligence, competitive game, arena, several arcade modes and many others.

In a short time, the game received dozens of prestigious awards in various nominations, overgrown with an impressive community of fans, books were even written about the Overwatch world.


  • beautiful graphics;
  • dynamism;
  • many game modes;
  • large community.


  • controversial balance in some modes.

Battlefield 5

Online game rating (PC): 4.8

The rating continues the fifth version (strictly in a row - the fifteenth online game of the series) of the sensational online Battlefield shooter. The online game is multi-platform - in addition to the PC, it is also adapted for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developer is the Swedish company EA DICE. Publisher - Electronic Arts, USA.

The game is built in the historical setting and style of the Second World War. Under the publisher’s control, the developers faithfully reproduced the battlefields. There are all factions and coalitions that took an active part in the bloodiest war in the history of mankind: Germany, the USSR, the USA, Great Britain and others.

At your disposal almost all types of weapons and equipment, relevant during the war. In this version, the "echoes" of the First World War - horses, sabers and other controversial moments of the first part of the game, which caused rejection of part of the audience, are eliminated. But at the same time, political correctness has been increased - there are noticeably more women and dark-skinned characters, which not everyone likes either. A single game is possible for one of three factions - the USSR, the USA or the French Resistance.

The multiplayer aspect inherited the classic approach, which implies participation in the online team up to 64 people, but at the same time, the scale of the multiplayer is expanded. So, the implementation of tasks (Grand Operations) for the final victory, single player campaigns, cooperative missions (Combined Arms), the construction of fortified structures with the receipt of the corresponding advantages is added.

A striking feature of this online game is a deep and detailed study of sound. In online mode, focusing only on sound often plays a decisive role in the outcome of the battle. Therefore, the presence of good headphones gives unexpectedly powerful advantages.


  • a large selection of online game modes;
  • high historical accuracy;
  • increased realism compared to previous versions;
  • ample opportunities for customization of characters and weapons;
  • deep and detailed sound.


  • obsessive political correctness, according to numerous opinions.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Online game rating (PC): 4.7

Completing the selection of the first-person shooter rating is another unconditional hit - the fourth main online game (the fifteenth in the entire franchise) of the Call of Duty series, namely the Black Ops story sub-series. This online PC game also has versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developer is the American company Treyarch. The official release took place literally "yesterday" - in October 2018. Distributed through Steam and Battle.net services.

This is the first main game in the series, where the main emphasis is on the online component and the multiplayer mode, while traditional single-player campaigns are completely eliminated. This decision was not to everyone's liking, but it was necessary, since the uniformity from version to version threatened to drag the franchise to the bottom. On the other hand, a new Blackout (Eclipse) mode has been introduced, which is a classic Royal Battle with up to 100 players. This was a real breath of fresh air for a sad fan and a powerful driver of the popularity of the game as a whole.

Special thanks to the developers of the game from the fans for the truly huge and colorful locations. In this game world, you can, in a good way, get lost. Also a big plus - a variety of game modes and a wide selection of weapons. The action can take place in the most unexpected places - from the prison of Alcatraz to Ancient Rome. Multiplayer in this version is the first in the entire series, does not imply automatic recovery of health, includes new ballistics and predictive returns.

This version of the game, although it was not possible to repeat the stunning success of the first release (a world record for sales speed), but still it became a highlight of the past year. The franchise remains successful enough so that fans can confidently wait for new versions every couple of years - it goes through 14 nominations of six prestigious awards, in three of which it became a winner, including the "Best online social game" according to Gamescom 2018.


  • huge locations;
  • variety of weapons;
  • bright and dynamic Royal Battle in Blackout mode;
  • dynamics and drive in general;
  • musical arrangement;
  • decent graphics;


  • weak point - the balance of characters;
  • some users are unhappy with the lack of single-player campaign mode.

The best racing, action games and MOBA online for PC

The second nomination in the ranking of the best online PC games according to Ecdfburma version includes a selection of three games of this genre that will be relevant and in demand anytime, anywhere - racing. Only here will emphasis be placed on games where there is not only a sports component. Our experts deliberately did not include in the review too obvious hits of all times and peoples like Need for Speed ​​or F1 because of this very obviousness.

It is also extremely difficult to create a rating in such voluminous genres as action and MOBA (online multiplayer battle arenas) due to the wide range of user preferences and often polar opinions. Therefore, this selection included: DOTA 2 - due to its superpopularity, but not as obvious as some legends games; League Of Legends - for the high ratings of critics, publications and the players themselves; Star Conflict - to balance the fantasy and post-apocalyptic stylistics of the cosmic component; other online hits in related genres.


Online Game Rating (PC): 5.0

Opens the Crossout selection - a 2017 new production by Targem Games, published by the well-known company Gaijin Entertainment. Since the release of this online game for PC has not lost popularity, but only strengthened its position. In addition to the PC, there are versions for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Distributed free of charge.

This is a dynamic race in the setting of the post-apocalyptic world with a crazy combination of features and subgenres. Here are action, and MMOs, and multiplayer, and PVP, elements of the sandbox, open world, strategy, and even a card collectible online game. A special feature of Crossout - the great importance of the skills and talents of the artist and designer - is an unexpected move regarding the game, where only chases, shootings and other drives are expected, but the developers guessed right with this highlight.

The events of the online game take place in the very near, but already post-apocalyptic future, where most of humanity died from a mysterious epidemic called Crossout. Those who survived, for the most part, have lost their human appearance due to mutations and the side symptoms that accompany the epidemic. And only a small part of people remain the same and are forced to survive in new cruel conditions, trying to restore the old world.

At the very beginning, you are invited (without options) to test yourself as a design engineer - a car in which you have to do dizzying chases you need to assemble yourself. The details of the mechanisms of vehicles, types of protective armor, types of weapons and all kinds of auxiliary body kit are provided with a wide range - this naturally makes every car of any player absolutely unique. Of course, there are restrictions on the number of parts, the final weight and so on, so the design of the machine and equipment must be carefully thought out.

Game modes include cargo delivery, team Deathmatch collisions with other players, robberies followed by avoiding the chase, PvE missions, as well as the recently super-popular Battle Royale mode. During the game, you can make almost any adjustments to the design of the car and equipment. Parts can be bought on the market from living characters or NPCs, or you can just find among the wreckage or even make them yourself.

Fights are held for a player with third-person observation and give a lot of emotions due to unpredictability, unexpected turns and “cards in the sleeve” due to the uniqueness of each machine.


  • fascinating, driving gameplay;
  • incredibly flexible capabilities in terms of designing and equipping vehicles;
  • popular game modes are well implemented;
  • bright combination of genres;
  • advanced damage model;
  • free.


  • Intrusive Donat - the inevitable flip side of free access;
  • some users note imbalance and too arcade physics.

GTA Online

Online game rating (PC): 4.9

The rating continues to be an online game for PC, which is even difficult to clearly define in a particular nomination. However, Grand Theft Auto is a mega-event in the gaming industry since the very first versions were released, so we could not help but consider its online multiplayer version. The game was developed by the British studio Rockstar North. It was originally created for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and since April 2015 it has become available to PC users.

It will be very difficult to find at least to some extent a close analogue of GTA online for PC or any other platform that would be so rich and high-quality embodiment of several bright genres. Here, and racing, and action, and shooter, and even sandbox elements. All this is built into the context of an open world with an extremely realistic simulation of real life - dating, partnership, trade, confrontation, crime, skirmishes with competitors, all-round character development. And this masterpiece is wrapped in a bright package of excellent graphics, humor, a unique atmosphere and an original soundtrack. The rating "18+" clearly hints at the recklessness of the game process with an almost complete absence of physical and moral restrictions for the player and his character.

In the online version of the game for PC, the developers left the role component as noticeable. The player with his character has a wide selection of options for spending time in the game megalopolis - pumping skills, completing missions, buying real estate and building a special form of business, all kinds of entertainment. Shortly before the release of the online version, industry experts expressed concern that the mechanics of the game could suffer due to the transfer to online, but this did not happen. On the contrary, the engine was "taught" to recognize human speech and synchronize the movement of the character’s lips - this gave an unprecedented immersion and the effect of presence.

Although the role component is significant here, you won’t be able to play for the “good guys” because of the lack of such. The character’s "career growth" speaks for itself already with only the names of the levels: Cutthroat, Pickpocket, Soldier, Trigger, Silovik, Mediator, Enemy of society, Workmate, Street Boss, Thief in law. The higher the rank, the greater the choice of weapons, defense, vehicles, customization options, open to the passage of missions and tasks. The number of these missions as a whole is amazing - there are more than five hundred of them.

The openness of the world of this online game for PC, the breadth of possibilities, the almost complete absence of any boundaries, the maximum immersion - all this determined the crazy popularity of the game.

The game is distributed for a fee. There are reduced prices for residents of the CIS, but the cost is still pretty decent - 1999 rubles.


  • the incomparable variety of the number of missions, tasks and all sorts of options for living an alternative life;
  • excellent game mechanics;
  • a successful combination of stylistics and genres;
  • recognition of player voice messages by the engine;
  • the deepest effect of immersion and presence;
  • huge community of fans.


  • the game is paid and not cheap.

DiRT Rally

Online game rating (PC): 4.8

Finally, in the framework of our rating, we will pay attention to “real” races, where in the center of everything is the sports and competitive component. This is one of the most realistic online car simulator games with real "adult" difficulties and exciting gameplay. Developed by the British company Codemasters, distributed as part of the Steam service. In addition to the PC, there are also versions for the PS4, Xbox One, SteamOS, and even Linux platforms.

I must say right away that this PC game is serious in all respects and definitely not for fans of arcade racing. Physics here gives the player the opportunity to feel the rally track as it really is: in the rain on a muddy road the car becomes almost uncontrollable, and absolutely everything affects the game result, including the degree of tire wear. The engine of the game, many deservedly called the most realistic among the games of this genre.

But for a stubborn player who does not expect any miracles, but is ready to invest time in the development of his own skills and careful study of the car's features, the game will reveal in all its indisputable beauty. Then you will have at your disposal more than forty types of special rally cars, a whole set of illustrious races with dozens of exciting stages on roads in various parts of the world, participation in prestigious online competitions, communication with like-minded leagues. The car can be improved, customized and customized as you wish.

Independent polls show that gamers, once having tried DiRT, for the most part recognize this game as a standard sports online car simulator.


  • physics is the most realistic among other online races;
  • high-quality graphics with high detail;
  • a wide selection of machines and many options for improvement / customization;
  • optimization;
  • a lot of cards.


  • quite expensive;
  • subjective point claims from users.


Online game rating (PC): 4.7

From the races in our ranking, we go straight to the team action in the MOBA genre. And it will not be anyhow, but "the same" DOTA 2, which only a person who has never been to the Internet has never heard of. This strange abbreviation stands for Defense of the Ancients and is nothing more than a custom mod (map) for another game - Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, or rather its sequel. The first DotA also gained great popularity, but the second simply demolished all the fences, leaving even the super popular Skyrim far behind. She instantly became an e-sports discipline with prize pools of millions of dollars in premium championships, and received prestigious awards. She even received Russian-language voice acting by professional actors, and unofficially - an extremely rare occurrence in the gaming industry.

In terms of genre, DOTA 2 is not only MOBA. There are also elements of role-playing games, strategies, PvE and PvP - all this is strictly online as part of a team of other players. At your disposal are more than a hundred unique characters with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, various game modes, many detailed maps, and other features up to designing your own artifacts through WorkShop on Steam.

In itself, the gameplay in its classic version is a battle between two teams of five players (characters) in each. One team plays for the forces of light, the other for their opposite. The task is to capture the enemy castle-fortification, while protecting your own. Success depends on each player’s own skills, teamwork, thoughtful tactics, the ability to competently build defenses and tactically wage an offensive. Mutual understanding is also important for making joint decisions - online voice communication through the headset or in chat helps here. I must say that DOTA 2 is one of the most emotional games that results in not quite censored manifestations of these emotions in a chat or voice. But, we must admit that the complete absence of censorship in DOTA 2 and at the same time tons of a hat is a kind of chip, without which the online game will lose itself.

The game was developed on a new engine, it is perfectly optimized (like the engine itself), so for a comfortable game even an extra powerful computer is not necessary - even a completely average PC will be enough. The community of game fans around the world is truly huge. Hundreds of thousands of people spend many hours daily on DOTA 2, and its popularity is only growing.


  • many characters;
  • a wide selection of modes, maps, other features;
  • colorful graphics;
  • new engine with excellent optimization;
  • huge community;
  • bright emotional atmosphere;
  • eSports discipline.


  • the complexity of training, for many beyond the limits.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Online game rating (PC): 4.6

The penultimate position in this extensive selection of online games rating for PC is perhaps the most controversial and controversial. This is a real action hit, released in December 2017, and throughout the 18th year triumphantly walked around the planet, crushing all possible ratings, sometimes causing real hysteria in gaming communities. The controversy of including the game in the rating is that the crazy popularity turned in exactly the same crazy hat when greed prevailed over the publishers, and advertising began to be shown right inside the game. This caused an irreconcilably negative reaction from fans, and in a matter of days, they monstrously brought down the game’s rating on Steam. Our experts could not ignore this moment and regarded it as a flaw. Developers and publishers should work on bugs.

Now, in fact, and about the good. The genre affiliation of PUBG is quite multifaceted - at first glance it is a shooter, but the presence of many other components, the open world, "survivalism" and so on, make it more likely an action game through the prism of a shooter. The game was built on the Unreal Engine 4. In addition to the PC, there are versions for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The aspect of the confrontation in the game is based on the principle of “all against all” - all online players by default are either obvious or potential enemies. Participants in the amount of 100 people are thrown from an airplane to a distant island, where they actually have to undergo a natural selection, suggesting a banal "there should be only one alive." A character can die not only directly from the enemy’s hands, but also from a sudden shelling from somewhere, or from an electric field that limits the continuously narrowing playing space.

Weapons will have to be obtained anywhere: in buildings, in the city, at abandoned bases. From time to time, anything useful is dropped from aircraft as "humanitarian aid." I am pleased with a wide selection of weapons, which can be anything - from a grenade launcher to a frying pan. Exactly the same wide selection of equipment of three levels of protection. You can move around on foot or by car.

This online game was so anticipated thanks to early access and a competent advertising campaign, that as soon as sales began on the Steam system, PUBG overtook even Counter-Strike: Global Offensive online. Quite quickly, the number of copies sold exceeded 5 million. This was one of the most impressive events in the gaming industry in recent years.


  • addictive gameplay;
  • high online;
  • original plot;
  • large map with narrowing of the playing area;
  • high-quality sound;
  • variety of weapons.


  • disadvantages of optimization;
  • intrusive advertising inside the game (perhaps no longer relevant).

Star conflict

Online game rating (PC): 4.5

Rounding out this large selection of ranking is Space Multiplayer Online Action for PC Star Conflict. This is the first PC-online game in the review, entirely created by the Russian studio - StarGem Inc, with the assistance of another domestic company - Gaijin Entertainment. Mac OS and Linux versions have also been released. The Steam service has been available since February 2013. The official release of version 1.0 is in February 2014. It is distributed according to the free-to-play model, and in this context it is both a plus and a minus, since the free game is extremely limited, and everything else is available only for donation, and is quite aggressive-obsessive.

At the heart of this online game are bright and colorful PvP battles on spaceships, as well as missions in PvE mode. Almost from the very release of the game for PC and other platforms, the Open World mode became available.

You are given a wide selection of spaceships of different classes - interceptor, attack aircraft, frigate and destroyer. By controlling a series of ships for various purposes, as part of the team of other participants, game goals are achieved. The game is emphasized as a team game, and success depends on the coordinated interaction of all participants in the fight against the opposing team. The average duration of a session PvP battle is 5-10 minutes, and participation in it makes it possible to earn game currency and synergy. Money can be spent on upgrading existing ships or acquiring new ones. In a quick battle, at least 6 and no more than 32 players can take part. Sessions in the Open World are not limited in time.

The "Big World" Star Conflict is divided into locations, which can be transitioned through hyper-gates that pierce the space-time continuum. Space is awash with a wide variety of NPC characters, mostly not quite friendly. Of course, you have to deal with space pirates, where without them.

The game uses a rather original approach to the image of another mind, which arose independently of the line of human development. Representatives of such a different mind are not "green men", but rational spaceships. They are called crystallides, and they surpass the terrestrial space technology in all respects.


  • beautiful graphics;
  • high-quality sound;
  • well optimized engine;
  • variety of modes;
  • open world;
  • free basic access.


  • obsessive donat;
  • some users note problems of balance.

The best tactical shooters, military arcade games and PC simulations

The following selection of the rating of online games for PC displays the preferences of an impressive army of gamers who prefer military themes with more or less reliable reproduction of real historical locations, equipment, and equipment. There are a great many such games, and even the best of the best are in the tens. Therefore, we added one more component - a simulator, and our experts in the entire motley variety of games identified three according to a number of important criteria.

World of tanks

Online Game Rating (PC): 5.0

Opens a selection of hit hits, firmly seated for the game, not only young gamers, but even quite aged men "for forty". The game was developed by the Belarusian studio Wargaming.net in the now quite distant 2010, and since then WoT has only replenished the army of fans, going far beyond the post-Soviet space. Distributed free of charge

Like many modern video games, World of Tanks has a comprehensive genre affiliation. Someone classifies it as an action game, someone as a tactical shooter or simulator, or even an MMORPG. Actually, the online multiplayer component in the game is present and is one of the key. For the rest, this is an online simulator of military operations on heavy armored vehicles, made in the style of World War II and with significant reliability reproducing military equipment of that time.

The multiplayer role-playing aspect in this online game is expressed in the fact that the main game component - PvP battles - is carried out between live players who control the tanks, and those in turn act as “characters”. By the way, this also includes the role aspect of the game - tanks can and should be developed, improved, improved and pumped in every way. Tank battle involves a confrontation between two teams of up to 15 players each. The purpose of the battle is the complete destruction of enemy equipment or the capture of its base.

In addition to PvP, the game provides a whole range of features, game scenarios and modes: head-to-head combat, assault, rank-and-file battle, company, training, fortified areas, and a global map. Separately, it is worth noting the Front Line mode - a vivid and fascinating scenario in which up to 60 units of armored vehicles can take part. Sometimes the game pleases with various events with PvE missions, which make it possible to quickly earn a lot of in-game promotions.

In 2018, the game underwent major changes in the direction of improvement and adaptation to the capabilities of modern PCs. So, the quality of the graphics has been increased to HD, the scale of the game world has been expanded, the landscape has been improved, and the game as a whole has received its own original engine. The developer continues to actively support his brainchild, taking it to new levels and gradually spreading it around the world.


  • addictive gameplay;
  • free-to-play without excessive encouragement of paying players;
  • high historical reliability of technology;
  • huge Russian-speaking community;
  • stable servers;
  • continuous development and promising prospects.


  • balance issues.

World of warships

Online game rating (PC): 4.9

From tanks to warships, our rating continues another bright product of the Belarusian studio Wargaming, which, inspired by the overwhelming success of the online game for PC World of Tanks described above, that decided to try to at least partially repeat its success, only in the format of naval battles in that same historical setting of World War II.

Many organizational aspects of the game are very close to the characteristics of other studio games - a similar division into classes, a similar social system, similar algorithms for pumping ships and their crews. At your disposal is a huge shipyard with a choice of many prototypes of real military ships.

Game opportunities are also quite wide, so that everyone can show their talents as a strategist and tactic. Sudden swift ambush throws, deeply thought-out flank attacks with elements of deceptive maneuvers, nose-to-nose collisions - dozens of different tactics are offered. The team aspect remains extremely important - the key to victory and protection of their own ships and personnel was and remains mutual understanding, coordinated actions, effective cooperation.

Management is quite simple, does not require long-term training and development, although part of the players its convenience seems controversial, but there are few of them. At your disposal a wide selection of ships: fast, light and maneuverable destroyers; combat boats; landing ships; heavy cruisers, capable of fighting a serious and powerful enemy alone; battleships; aircraft carriers with a defense group providing air support to other ships. Mine-sweeping vessels, cannon boats, frigates and escort vessels are also used for support functions and non-combat missions. The game reflects the school of military shipbuilding in many countries and coalitions of the world during the Second World War: Germany, Great Britain, the USSR, Japan, the Commonwealth of Nations, etc.

The economic system of the game is combined with two other studio projects - World of Tanks and World of Planes. The free-to-play business model is used, which allows you to test the basic capabilities of the game absolutely free and make an informed decision about the donation for full-fledged capabilities.


  • beautiful and high-quality graphics;
  • free-to-play;
  • musical arrangement;
  • addictive gameplay;
  • various modes of battles.


  • imbalance of the economy at high levels;
  • detected obvious bugs are fixed for a long time.

War thunder

Online game rating (PC): 4.8

Ecdfburma's famous military simulator developed by the domestic studio Gaijin Entertainment completes this selection of the ranking of the best online PC games according to Ecdfburma. Made in the style and historical setting of the Second World War and the post-war period. The full version after all beta tests was released in 2016 and continues to develop.

Initially, the game was developed as a military flight simulator and had a different name. However, after a series of beta tests, the game world and capabilities were expanded, and the name was changed to a more universal, but the dominant presence of aircraft remained.

Here the player is waiting for breathtaking graphics, captivating with its dynamics and realism, gameplay and a huge selection of military equipment: tanks, anti-aircraft guns, self-propelled guns, airplanes and much more from the era from World War II until the Korean War.

When developing this online PC game, the team of creators made the main emphasis on maximally matching the locations to the real battlefields of the mid-20th century. For this, even real maps and archival documents were taken as a basis. At the same time, the mechanics of the behavior of technology and ballistics were carefully studied. The detailing of the physics of shots and damage is particularly impressive - absolutely everything is taken into account: the caliber of a bullet or projectile, the trajectory, the distance traveled, the angle of impact, the nature of the surface material, the influence of wind and even gravity.

Equally important in the game is pumping the skills of each crew member of a particular combat vehicle, whether it be a pilot, driver, shooter, or technician. The choice of a country or a coalition is proposed, on the side of which the player will speak in the game world, and this also adds its own specifics.

Multiple locations in the game are relatively small and involve session loading. In PvP battles, you can arrange battles with another player in arcade mode, controlling several military vehicles at once, or take part in a historical battle that recreates the real events of the past years. For training or any other purpose, the game allows you to assemble your own custom modes. The online multiplayer aspect here is by no means a “verdict” - you can even play offline alone - in this case, the player will come to the aid of a sensible enough artificial intelligence.


  • high-quality graphics;
  • addictive gameplay for adrenaline lovers;
  • a high degree of compliance of game locations with real historical landscapes and events;
  • deeply worked out aspect of the simulator;
  • rich set of military equipment;
  • affordable management;
  • amazingly realistic damage system.


  • individual claims of players to individual details.

Best Online PC Strategies

The following selection of online games for PC in our review is devoted to one of the most visible and popular genres - strategy. In the gaming community, the audience of strategy lovers is one of the largest. Our experts deliberately did not include in the rating such unconditional hits of all time and people as Sim City, Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic because of the evidence of their superiority. These games will remain for centuries, but we will pay attention to three interesting products that have emerged as leaders in popularity in recent years. The only exception is the legendary Age of Empires, but it will still be about its modern re-release, and this is almost a completely different game.

Age of Empires 2 HD

Online Game Rating (PC): 5.0

Since we specifically mentioned Age of Empires, we’ll start with her. The original game was released back in 1997 and, for a number of reasons, made a real revolution in this genre, instantly attracting a huge audience of fans. However, despite all the revolutionism and legend, in modern realities, sprite graphics and the resolution of those times do not even look ridiculous.

Hidden Path Entertainment Studio (the original developer no longer exists) decided to take a rather risky step - to release an updated version of the game for modern PCs with an online component, on a new engine with HD graphics. The idea was implemented in the best way - the first updated HD-version was released in 2013, followed by a series of additions and sequels, and the project as a whole was a success.

The player will find a wide selection of nations-civilizations - here are the British and Japanese, and the Goths and Saracens, and Turks and Vikings - only 13 different game "races" with vivid signs of real historical civilizations of mankind. Each of the four released additions added 4-5 new civilizations. In total, at the end of 2018, there are 31 races.

The action takes place in a vast historical period, beginning with the collapse of the Roman Empire and ending with the Renaissance. The main task for the player is obvious - to survive, develop a character and defeat rivals that develop in parallel. All aspects of the game work for this task - the extraction of resources, the construction of structures, the accumulation of capital, the creation and development of the army, the conduct of battles.

In multiplayer mode (up to eight players), diplomacy is available - you can not only fight with other participants, but also cooperate. You can win the game in an "alternative way" - by building and holding for some time the Wonder of the World - a gigantic object, the creation of which takes a lot of time and enormous resources.


  • updated graphics;
  • high-quality sound and audio effects;
  • affordable training;
  • many civilizations;
  • nostalgic feelings in "oldfages;
  • excellent balance of races.


  • especially sophisticated players still consider the graphics obsolete;
  • There are cases of juggling AI or bots.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Online game rating (PC): 4.9

The rating continues even not just a game, but part of a large-scale series of online strategies for PC under the general name Total War. Unlike the above Age of Empires 2 HD, this is no longer real-time, but a turn-based strategy with real-time elements. Thrones of Britannia was released in 2018, and was a clear confirmation that the developers are going in the right direction. Despite the ruthlessness of critics, the game won the Independent Game Developers' Association Awards 2018 as "Best Strategy" and in a number of other nominations. The game was developed by the British studio Creative Assembly - a subsidiary of Sega itself. The technological basis was the ninth game of the big series - Total War: Attila.

Medieval style is embodied in the historical setting of the British Isles in the period from 878 AD. Formally, the size of the map is smaller than that of the previous games in the series, but it doesn’t bother anyone - the population density of the islands is such that the map’s limitations are not felt at all. This approach eliminated the problem of dull wastelands, which had to be overcome in a few moves in some other games - a big plus to the overall dynamics.

The player will join one of the five nationalities, and within the nationality - to one of the two factions. You will need to choose from the Welsh, Scots (Gauls), Anglo-Saxons, settled Vikings and sea robbers. Each "race" has its own key resource and preferred skills: for example, the Welsh are prone to exploits and the accumulation of "heroism", and the Vikings prefer the inhuman slave trade.

There are plenty of options for the behavior and living of alternative life in the medieval world for the player - here the developers really tried. You can extract resources, develop technologies, build structures, engage in trade and cooperation, and, of course, fight. The population density and close proximity forces the player not to neglect diplomacy and learn to negotiate or directly coax more powerful neighbors, even until the marriage of girls of their people to guys of another faction.

The atmosphere of the early Middle Ages was amazingly conveyed in the game through excellent graphics with high detail of characters and surroundings, as well as through a diverse and very atmospheric sound design.


  • all the advantages of the root mechanics of Total War;
  • beautiful and high-quality graphics;
  • impressive sound; diverse atmospheric music;
  • significant differences between the factions in terms of gameplay;
  • Russian localization of the highest quality;
  • depth and pace.


  • uneven basic complexity among different nationalities;
  • quite a lot of aspects exactly repeat the other games of the series.

Starcraft 2

Online game rating (PC): 4.8

The third and final strategy in this ranking selection is one of the most visible games of this genre, made in the style of Sci-Fi in a space setting with the corresponding specifics. The original 3D version of the game, called Wings of Liberty, was announced back in 2007, and the official release took place another three years later. The player’s feedback was so powerful and positive that the Blizzard Entertainment developers almost immediately decided to supplement the base game with two sequels.

Updated Starcraft 2 almost immediately after the official release was widely known for its multiplayer. It is he who, like a magnet, attracts millions of people around the world to the game. However, the developers did not abandon the single-player campaign, which was implemented unusually well.

The social component in the game is left practically unchanged - the player is offered a choice of three races, conquering the vastness of outer space - the high-tech Protoss, the belligerent numerous Zerg and, in fact, the Universal People in all their versatile beauty.

The semantic component of the game, like most strategies, revolves around the main aspects - the extraction of resources and the conduct of numerous battles with unfriendly races. But in detail, Starcraft 2 has a number of features, most of which are regarded by critics and players as clear advantages.

In particular, a notable achievement of the developers was the perfect balance adjustment - to the point that even the top units by no means become invulnerable demigods and from time to time still have to enlist the support of other troops. Likewise, a large number of warships is not an unambiguous key to success - thanks to the competent and thoughtful application of special skills of equipment and units, a player can smash the enemy army to the smithereens, even if it significantly exceeds its size.

Significant changes have been made to the management of the game as a whole. Jobs can be queued. The limit on the simultaneous mobilization of units has been raised to 500. All this gives Starcraft 2 the chance to become not just a continuation of the legend, but become the legend itself.

At first glance, it might seem that the game is difficult for beginners to master, and in many ways this is true. However, thanks to a well-implemented league system, opponents for the player are selected based on his skills, which greatly facilitates the development of the game world.


  • fascinating plot;
  • beautiful fantastic game world;
  • musical arrangement;
  • a lot of possibilities;
  • high-quality Russian localization;
  • variety of races;
  • impeccable balance.


  • some users do not like the ability to complete missions only for people.

Best Online Sandboxes for PC

Our review concludes with a special genre of online games for PCs and other platforms, which arose relatively recently, but in no time attracted an impressive audience around the world. This is Sandbox - the so-called sandboxes. This term implies a real, not an illusory nonlinearity of the game, for the most part an open world and complete freedom of action of the player. Critics and reviewers often strive to rank anything in this genre, including GTA. Nevertheless, our experts decided not to "spray" and included in the rating a "clean" sandbox - the legendary Minecraft. This is the only position in this nomination, and then it will become clear why this is so.


Online Game Rating (PC): 5.0

Sandbox games exist quite a lot, all of them with their own characteristics, but none of them can be compared with Minecraft in almost any parameter. This is the real flagship of the entire gaming genre, which has long gone beyond the boundaries of a strictly gaming audience, giving rise to an entire industry - cosplay, streamers on YouTube and Twitch, multiple imitations and borrowings, even literature and art.

At first glance at the course of the game from the side, young people may have a feeling of bewilderment, and the “oldfages” - a sense of travel to the past, when the graphics were “square” and clumsy. Yes, here you will not see photographic realism - the characters and the world are depicted schematically, deliberately carelessly. But every first true minecraft will tell you that "this is not a bug, but a feature" and will be right.

Minecraft has a ton of important features that make it so attractive. The first is complete, absolute freedom of action. A player through his character can build and destroy houses or entire cities, obtain resources, steal, fight, cooperate, build his own crazy structures that amaze the imagination on a scale. In cooperation with like-minded people online, the player can build a whole mainland with all the attributes of the presence of a rational developed civilization.

Given the above, it is easy to understand that the plot in this PC game is completely absent, by definition. He is not needed here, and if he had been, he would have gone only to the detriment. For exactly the same reason, the concept of character development (as well as the main antagonist to be killed) is completely absent.

There are three game modes in Minecraft:

Available to everyone on a free basis, the basic Creative mode. There is no scale of life and a complete "unlimited" on building materials. You can build and create anything of any scale.

Survival - resources are already limited, building materials need to be sought and mined. You also need to eat something and fight monsters crawling out of the ground. True, they crawl out only at night, and the player has the opportunity to sit out in cover. Here you already need to buy a subscription.

Hardcore - the same Survival, only at maximum speed. When he dies, the character loses everything that has been acquired, and the world he has built is permanently deleted from the game server.

You can talk about this masterpiece a lot and for a long time, but no words can convey the secret of Minecraft's magical appeal. This is an almost unprecedented field for creativity, creativity, self-expression. But we must also not forget that this game is perhaps the most fierce killer of all time.


  • flagship of the genre;
  • total freedom of action with restrictions only within the framework of game modes;
  • endless game world;
  • develops ingenuity, memory, imagination, creativity;
  • deep involvement.


  • Some people are deliberately repelled by "vintage" graphics.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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