20 best-selling best-selling novels

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Not all works of world literature become cultural property, but those whose plot has hooked millions of readers at different times become bestsellers, films are made on them, and performances are staged. In this ranking, we present the top 20 best-selling novels from around the world.

Rating of the best bestselling novels

Nomination a place novelrating
Rating of the best bestselling novels 1Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (1813) 5.0
2Museum of Innocence, Orhan Pamuk 4.9
3"See You," Jojo Moyes 4.9
4"Call me by your name," Andre Asiman 4.8
5Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell 4.8
6"Singing in a Blackthorn", Colin McCullough 4.7
7Hurry to Love, Nicholas Sparks 4.7
8North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell 4.7
9"With Love," Rosie, Cecilia Ahern 4.6
10Blame the Stars, John Green 4.6
11The One, Kira Kass 4.5
12Twilight, Stephanie Mayer 4.5
13The Bridget Jones Diary, Helen Fielding 4.5
14"P.S. I love you," Cecilia Ahern 4.4
15Madison County Bridges, Robert James Waller 4.4
16The Salt Wind by Sarah Gio 4.3
17Lavender Room, Nina Gheorghe 4.2
18"Dream Street Home," Lisa Jewell 4.2
19"#HateLove," Anna Jane 4.1
20"Just Together," Anna Gavalda 4.0

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (1813)

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 5.0

Roman Jane Austen sends the reader to England at the end of the 18th century. In the center of the story is the Bennet family - five daughters have grown and are preparing to marry. An obvious candidate for the heart of one of the sisters is the new neighbor, Mr. Bingley, a young true gentleman who enjoys the success of beautiful ladies. Soon he has a mutual sympathy for the eldest daughter Bennett. Bingley’s friend, Mr. Darcy, an arrogant and arrogant young man, also falls in love with Jane, but over time he will have tender feelings with another sister of a large family. The plot has a lot of intricacies, intrigues, acting characters, described by the author in detail in the best manner of the 18th century.

Pride and Prejudice is a fateful work in world literature that laid the foundation for feminism and a psychological novel. At the same time, Jane Austen was able to make him easy, laid-back, at the same time serious and mature. Films and series have been shot based on the book.

Museum of Innocence, Orhan Pamuk

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.9

In second place is the novel by the Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, "Museum of Innocence." This is a romantic story of tender love, about which people of different years dream at all times. The Turkish "Romeo and Juliet" the heir to the wealthy Kemal family and poor girl Fusun, as in the classics of the genre, cannot be together. The author explores the deepest strings of the souls of heroes, immersing the reader in a delicate and pleasant lyrics.

Orhan Pamuk, a Nobel laureate in literature, invites the reader to an amazing museum, which contains more than 1000 ordinary things, one way or another related to love memories: lost earrings, movie tickets, cigarette butts, drawings, handkerchiefs and much more, among the exhibits there are even the remains of an old car ... By the way, the exposition does exist in Istanbul at Beyoglu, Cukurcuma Caddesi, Dalgıc Cıkmazı, 2.

"See You," Jojo Moyes

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.9

"See You" is one of the most beautiful stories about the uneasy love of two completely different people. Judging by the reviews of critics and readers, getting acquainted with the work, you can experience the whole gamut of feelings from anger to despair, love and sympathy.

Lou Clark, the main character of the book, knows everything about her life: she has a stable job and a young man whom she most likely does not like. But overnight, everything collapses like a house of cards, she loses her job, now Lou is surrounded by problems that need to be solved ...

Years ago, Will Trainor, an extreme sports enthusiast and an active young man, falls under a motorcycle at a pedestrian crossing, after which he becomes tied to a wheelchair. He is immobilized, has lost interest in life and is looking for a way to leave this world.

Fate brings Lou and Will together: the girl gets a nurse to him. The first emotions - mutual hostility are gradually transformed into interest and tender feelings ... Now the lives of the heroes will never be the same.

The novel “See You” after the publication in 2013 was a stunning success - in the first months more than half a million copies of the book were sold, the novel entered the list of New York bestsellers, was translated into three dozen languages, and later Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer made the film of the same name by product.

"Call me by your name," Andre Asiman

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.8

The novel “Call me by your name” (or “Call me by your name”) is a sensual story about falling in love, sexual desire, attraction, but not a traditional gender pair, but two men - Italian youth Elio Perdman and young scientist American scientist Oliver.

The narration is conducted on behalf of Oliver in retrospect as a memory of events that began 20 years ago. The book contains many frank scenes skillfully described by the author using penetration and sensuality, but the work cannot be called erotic.

There is a debate among critics and readers about whether there is love between Oliver and Elio, therefore, to answer this question for yourself, we recommend reading this amazing novel, which appeared in Russia only in February 2019.

By the way, the book was filmed by Italian director Luca Guadagnino.

Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.8

Gone With The Wind bestseller Margaret Mitchell has won the love of readers all over the world. The American Civil War, young Scarlett survived the famine, the loss of loved ones, the life of the heroine has changed beyond recognition. However, love still lingers in the soul, but having buried her unloved husband, Scarlett understands that her naive dreams about Ashley are not justified, the heart now belongs to another person.

The lyrical knightly novel of the beginning of XX is read in one breath at all times, without losing relevance, to this day. Screen adaptation of "Gone with the Wind" in 1939 is part of the golden fund of world cinema, the film of the same name received 8 Oscars in various categories.

"Singing in a Blackthorn", Colin McCullough

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.7

The next novel in the rating, “Singing in Blackthorns,” is a saga, the story of several generations of one Australian Cleary family, originating in the early 20th century. The author first introduces the reader to the young Meggie and her entourage, imperceptibly growing her on the pages of a book to an adult woman, when her growing children come to the forefront, so the story gradually develops, filling up with new faces. There are really many characters in the novel, but watching them is not so difficult: Colin McCullough managed to organically introduce and reveal each character with his opinion and outlook on life.

What else is noted by readers who met with the saga, so these are grandiose descriptions of Australian nature and landscapes, which organically housed the family estate of the family of the main characters. Now the mention of the southern continent is associated not only with the kangaroo.

Hurry to Love, Nicholas Sparks

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.7

A novel about the first youthful love “Haste to love” is the story of Landon Carter, who every year returns to the city of youth Beaufort for memories. The classic of the genre is love between a guy from a wealthy family and the daughter of a pastor, accompanied by great happiness and pain at the same time. This feeling never repeats!

Fate brings young people to school, on the stage of a theatrical performance. The hostility, self-praise of the "golden" child gradually develop into a quivering feeling ... Heroes grow on the pages of a book, and then an incurable disease of the girl happens.

The story is conducted on behalf of the same Carter, who every od on the pier remembers the happy years spent with his beloved Jamie.

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.7

The novel takes place in the 19th century in England. The family of the priest Hale, who refused the dignity because of doubts about faith, leaves the southern city of Helston. North Milton meets the heroes with air polluted by factories and a harsh mood, in this atmosphere the daughter of the Margaret family feels very uncomfortable, especially after living in a noble London with her aunt. The girl is popular among men, she has repeatedly received offers of marriage, but she rejected all the boyfriends, even her loving friend. John Thornton, a young industrialist, young Margaret seems a despot and rude, and the mutual dislike of people. Needless to say, the feelings with the course of the villages are being transformed, but to what will all lead?

There are many heroes in the book, but in their characters the state of the south and the north is clearly traced: the first are soft, gentle, wayward and proud, the second are cold and harsh. Like Margaret and John were.

"With Love," Rosie, Cecilia Ahern

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.6

The talented Cecilia Ahern revealed the theme of warm human feelings in a novel with the saying title “With Love”. Rosie's girl and young man Alex wrote letters to each other for many years, trusted each other with secrets, preserving the very secrecy lost in the modern digital world. The author shows how deep feelings can be and how insignificant the flow of time is.

Rosie and Alex are confident that they will be next to each other at any difficult moment in life. However, fate has other plans: she partes lovers, the young man goes to work overseas. Communication continues with letters, e-mails, friends still hope to see you soon, because Alex has to study at Harvard, and Rosie in Boston. But the case again changes plans: the girl becomes pregnant from a guy from school.

What will be the fate of Rosie and Alex, can they be together and overcome the obstacles that arise on the path to reunion? Cecilia Ahern's novel will touch the deepest strings of the soul.

Blame the Stars, John Green

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.6

The "Blame the Stars" novel is a deep and sensual story of two teenagers in love with each other. Heila is only 16, and she can no longer breathe fully and independently, and moves hard, amid what is happening, plunges into herself and is limited in communication with other people. The situation changes when a girl meets Augustus in a support group session, and then goes on a trip to Amsterdam with the writer Van Houten, the author of Hazel’s favorite novel “Royal Ailment,” which was literally cut short in order to find out the true ending of the work. Meeting with this person will not be the most pleasant moment in the lives of the heroes.

The main characters are impulsive, restless, full of all the typical signs of puberty. The desire to live and love is stronger than the fear of death, which they challenge, hoping for the favor of fate. Moreover, the torment of Hale and Augustus is not the approach of the end of days, but jealousy and misunderstanding, which is so characteristic of people completely different in temperament and attitude, even if they are so young. But they are together, no matter what.

“Blame the Stars” is a novel that should be read to everyone, even adults, the book will not leave anyone indifferent, and history will help to realize many of the seemingly familiar at first glance moments of life for each of us.

The One, Kira Kass

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.5

In the kingdom, an event: a contest is taking place, a victory in which is awarded the crown and heart of Prince Maxon. And what girl does not want to become the wife of a prince? Of the 35 applicants, only a few reached the finals, among them the main character named America. She could not even dream of a prize, but until she was on the list of participants completely unexpectedly for herself.

The event is overshadowed by the turbulent situation in the kingdom: rebels are operating on the street, breaking security in the palace. America understands that if it wants to win and become a contender for the heart of the prince, it will take a lot of effort.

Twilight, Stephanie Mayer

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.5

The famous saga, familiar to everyone from the films, is based on the novel by Stephanie Mayer. Twilight is the first part of a five-volume story. In it, the reader gets acquainted with the main characters, vampires and werewolves. The main character Isabella Swan falls in love with Edward Cullen and learns the secret of his origin and life. She was one of the first to know that in a quiet town, where there is practically no good weather, not only ordinary people live.

Readers, in whose hands the book "Twilight" fell after watching the movie of the same name, note: the pages of the story are presented deeper, the author gives interesting descriptions of the terrain, the feelings of the heroes; You can catch a lot of subtle moments that were not captured by the directors, which in a new way make you fall in love with a masterpiece known to everyone.

The Bridget Jones Diary, Helen Fielding

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.5

The next book in our rating, The Bridget Jones Diary, was also filmed by Hollywood filmmakers.

This novel was published as a personal diary of a woman from London. It had everything: counting calories, smoked cigarettes, opening the soul, as well as a detailed description of affairs throughout the day. Bridget is “a little over 30”, she’s not married, which is constantly reminded by her environment, trying to reduce to a lawyer Mark Darcy. Of course, the heroes at first did not impress each other at all.

Further, the plot spins in the best tradition of the Mexican series: the girl meets Daniel Cleaver, twists an affair with him, enjoys life. At this time, there is a discord between the parents, the mother goes to another man. Bridget, trying to understand this situation, overlooks his gentleman, who at this time decides to marry another person.

Who will stay Bridget Jones - tell her diary.

Interesting: the plot of the book is based on the story "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. The Bridget Jones Diary is essentially the same story, but projected into the modern world. However, the novel is not a remake of a 19th-century book, it is supplemented by bright inserts from modern reality, organically inscribed in the presented story.

"P.S. I love you," Cecilia Ahern

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.4

Ambiguous in the reviews of critics, the novel "P.S. I love you" Cecilia Ahern wrote when she was only 21 years old, probably because many readers did not appreciate the author’s presentation. The heroine of Holly Kennedy, after 15 years of marriage, loses her dearest man - her husband. After death, a bundle of letters from her beloved, written by him in life, falls into her hands. The letters contain small messages, at the end of each sheet a confession "P.S. I love you." Holly recalls happy moments spent with Jerry.

Many readers are puzzled why Holly is so cynical: she wonders how long mourning for her husband should be, how easily she can cope with depression, where so many young people of the opposite sex are surrounded by, how can you lead an easy lifestyle, when there should be a deep heart yearning? However, partly this is the meaning of the novel: to learn to live happily, in spite of everything, to maintain balance, to abandon stereotypes and listen to your heart.

Madison County Bridges, Robert James Waller

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.4

They are people in adulthood, but each childishly hides from their own fears. She lives on a small farm, where there are few people, but they are all strangers to her in spirit. He dwells in a fictional world of his own, hidden from those around him. They are both afraid to open up to themselves when they meet by chance. Two loneliness, two naive souls. Madison County Bridges literally connected the roads of two people.

The meeting literally erases the protective "fences" of the heroes, because everything happens spontaneously, unpredictably, the lights are not able to resist the attraction and new love. He is afraid to stop moving towards her, but she does not dare to move in front, still held back by her own fears.

Robert James Waller’s novel became a bestseller in the USA, was awarded the EBBI Prize, a beautiful film of the same name was shot with Meryl Streep and Wedge Eastwood in the lead roles.

The Salt Wind by Sarah Gio

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.3

The rating would be incomplete without the novel Salt Wind by the young writer Sarah Gio. This is a story that began in the middle of the last century, in 1943. Anna Calloway with her friend Kitty goes to the islands of French Polynesia to become a military nurse. Accustomed to a measured and calm life, friends move away in an unusual environment.

Soon, Anna meets the soldier Westri Green, with whom she is distracted by the overwhelming longing for the house and forgets about regret due to the distance of her friend. They try to keep their relationship secret, but spend a lot of time together. One day, while walking along a wild beach, Anna and Westri find an abandoned hut that once belonged to an artist. They had to witness a terrible incident.

Following the backstory, Sarah Gio brings the action these days to Seattle. Anna Calloway receives a letter from Genevieve Thorpe with a report on the murder that occurred many years ago on the island of Boro-Boro, the same one which the heroine witnessed with her lover. Genevieve has something to say to Anna in order to shed light on what happened.

Lavender Room, Nina Gheorghe

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.2

The novel "Lavender Room" by Nina Gheorghe saw the light in 2013, immediately gained brilliant success and was translated into dozens of languages ​​of the world.

Jean Egare owns a moored, floating bookstore. He is sure: only by reading good literature can a person be healed of small and sometimes deep spiritual wounds, be enriched emotionally and sensually. For this reason, he called his store Literary Pharmacy. However, these “medicines” did not help Jean himself recover from the loss he had experienced many years ago, which he unsuccessfully tried to dissolve in time. So two decades have passed.

Everything will change one summer, when Egare finally decides to raise the anchor and embark on a sea voyage in the face of heavy memories and a new beginning, the hope of renewal. What did the heart of Provence prepare for Jean?

"Dream Street Home," Lisa Jewell

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.2

The huge mansion of Toby Dobbs, the failed poet, became like a hostel, which brought together a lot of people united by one feature - difficult destinies. In the novel "The House on the Street of Dreams", the story of the experience of especially aggravated situations of each of the characters is revealed.

A series of unforeseen events forces Toby to sell the house, but for this he needs to evict the tenants. To speed up the process, he is called to help solve the problem of each settler, which turns out to be such an easy task. Neighbor Leah comes to his aid. Will they be able to solve a difficult problem together and put them up for sale?

"#HateLove," Anna Jane

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.1

The book "#hateLove" became the second part of the series "Pretend to be my couple." In the first part, the acting characters were the same Dasha and Dania, who did not like each other from kindergarten. Later, they even had to study at the same school.

In the second part, #HateLove, the heroes of an owl will have to study next to each other at the same university. From a harmful boy Danya turned into a handsome man with a lot of fans. Dasha still hates him for children's "bullying." Now she has a guy who for some reason terribly annoys Danya.

The plot unfolds in such a way that the heroes have to portray lovers, and then spouses. Is the feeling of hatred that exists between Dani and Dasha transformed into love, or will everything remain the same?

Anne Jane’s youth novel is best read from the first part in order to better present the picture of the developing plot, but the second book is written as an independent story.

"Just Together," Anna Gavalda

Category: best-selling novels

Rating: 4.0

On the twentieth, closing line of the ranking of the best best-selling novels, Anna Gavalda’s work “Just Together” about love, happiness, life in all its manifestations, from random failures to big victories. The main characters of the novel are young and lonely people, talented but not very successful. The hereditary intellectual and aristocrat Philibert Marche de la Durbelier, a shy stuttering seller of postcards for 36 years, has a large apartment inherited. In one of the rooms lives Frank Lestafier, a talented restaurant chef, forced to look after a sick 83-year-old grandmother. Camilla Fock, living in the attic, has anorexia and constant stress.

Heroes brought together under one roof try to help each other overcome life's difficulties and enter a new, bright streak with the hope of a promising and happy future.

The novel "Just Together" was published in 2004 and during the first months was sold in huge print runs in France, after which it was translated into dozens of languages ​​of the world, and in 2007 it was successfully filmed.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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