Which pan is better - enameled or stainless steel?

Housewives carefully select kitchen accessories, because it depends on the preparation of dishes for the family. Manufacturers supply many lines of cookware to the market. A soup pot, roast or other dish is prepared in a good pot. Women are thinking about choosing which pots are better - enameled or stainless steel?

Materials differ in operational characteristics and physical properties. They affect the speed of cooking and the taste of food. It is important to carefully approach the issue, take into account cooking preferences.

Enamel Pans

The classic option is an enamel pan. They meet in the kitchen with grandmothers and young girls. These products are attractively priced, sold in stores and in regular markets. They are universal, they cope with direct duties well. Enameled pans delight with a variety of colors. This is important if color accessories are matched to the kitchen design.

The role is played by physical qualities and operational properties.


  • high thermal conductivity;

  • preservation of healthy vitamins and minerals in food;

  • lack of emissions of harmful substances;

  • heat preservation for 2-3 hours;


  • brittleness of enamel coating;

  • burning foods with long cooking;

  • a ban on the use of aggressive cleaning products with abrasive additives;

Another important advantage is the ease of maintenance - they are easy to clean by hand or in dishwashers. They should be washed only with liquids or washing gels, and powders are prohibited. A typical problem for housewives is enamel damage. Over time, scratches and chips appear on the surface, especially with careless handling. It is difficult to wash burnt food, you have to look for alternative methods.

When choosing, you cannot rely on cheap models; it is better to choose products with a thick bottom. Enamel coating should not be less than 2 mm, otherwise it will quickly crack or burn out.

The selection criterion is simple - the heavier the enameled pan, the better, more durable.

  1. To extend the service life, it is recommended to follow simple rules:
  2. use only liquid detergents;

  3. do not rub enamel with metal washcloths and hard brushes;

  4. Do not place empty on the heating element;

  5. do not allow food to burn during cooking;

  6. Do not scrape off leftovers with knives and forks.

If you do not violate the instructions, then even after 5-7 years the enameled pan will look like new.

Stainless steel pots

The modern material for making pots is stainless steel. Because of this, housewives are leaning toward these kitchen accessories. Stainless steel pans look stylish, concise, they are light and durable. Products are in harmony with the interiors of the kitchen, cutlery, appliances. Today, most kits are made of stainless steel.

According to the operational features, the stainless steel differs from the enameled surface, so you should remember about its features.


  • resistance to acidic and alkaline environments;

  • food practically does not burn;

  • compatibility with any type of stove;

  • wear resistant coating;

  • universality of application - suitable for any products;


  • not recommended for use in the oven due to plastic or rubber handles;

  • high price.

The stainless steel pan looks fragile and light in appearance, but in fact it can withstand severe loads. The surface is not afraid of aggressive effects, so there are no restrictions in the preparation of dishes. She quickly warms up, no time is wasted waiting. In leaving, stainless steel pans are not demanding, so there are no problems with them.

The main disadvantage is the high cost, so housewives sometimes choose enameled pots. But the extra money is fully justified, because the material is really durable.

When buying, pay attention to the brand and material. There are often fakes made of cheap steel on the market. Such pans quickly become stained and burn out. Stains appear from saline solutions, so it is important to monitor the water level during cooking. Make the choice of proven brands because they guarantee the quality of your products. A good stainless steel will not be cheap, so there is no need to skimp.

Special marks will help to deal with the steel grade. The manufacturer affixes markings on the bottom of the product and on the packaging. Medical stainless steel is considered to be the best, distinguishing it from others with a high chromium content relative to nickel 18/10. Cheaper types of steel are marked - 12/18, 12/13, 08/13.

What dishes will an enameled and stainless steel pan do well?

In the kitchen, housewives are better off having both pans. Each model has unique features. If this is not possible, then focus on those dishes that are prepared in the family.

Enamel pan is suitable for the following dishes:

  1. classic soups, borscht;

  2. preservation of products for the winter;

  3. boiling vegetables;

  4. cooking stewed fruit, jam.

Stainless steel pans are used in the following cases:

  1. classic soups, borscht;

  2. preservation of products for the winter period;

  3. boiling vegetables;

  4. cooking cereals;

  5. braising second courses.

The standard feature set is similar. In enamel pans, stewed fruit and preserves are better, and stainless steel is used to make cereals and main dishes. The second option is universal for everyday use. In an enameled pan, cereals and main dishes are also cooked, but they often burn. It is better to leave it for jellied meat, compotes, long-term digestion of meat.

Pots, which company is better to choose?

The market of kitchen accessories presents products of Russian and European manufacturers. They should be oriented first of all, especially when buying stainless steel pots.


Market leader with many positive reviews. Products are famous for their innovative non-stick coating, strength and durability. In addition, Tefal cookware has an attractive design, so it will become an adornment of any kitchen.


The Belgian manufacturer of kitchen accessories and utensils has won the trust of Russian housewives. The products of this brand belong to the top category. In production, the emphasis is on environmental friendliness, attractive design and durability. The main advantage experts call stainless steel, resistant to damage.


The Russian brand Rondell is not inferior in popularity to European counterparts. The company offers durable and practical dishes for every day. The main advantage is the balanced ratio of price and quality. In this case, you do not have to overpay for the brand.


Solingen dishes are not as well known in Russia as other brands. But the German manufacturer offers kitchen utensils durable, strong, wear-resistant. Models look elegant, tightly closed with a lid and delight with additional details, for example, measuring scales.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a quality pan and the secrets of choosing a grill for your home.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a guide to the purchase.

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