Description of baby mattress Italbaby Jolly Plus

Children's mattress Italbaby Jolly Plus - characteristics


Width, cmWidth, cm: 60/65
Length, cmLength, cm: 125
General characteristics
Type ofType: children
Stiffness side 1Stiffness side 1: low
Stiffness side 2Side 2 stiffness: low
The foundationBase: springless
FillerFiller: polyurethane foam
Memory effectMemory effect: no
The effect of "winter-summer"The effect of "winter-summer": no
Cover materialCover material: cotton
HeightHeight: 12 cm
Two-zoneDual-zone: no
ImpregnationImpregnation: no
Twisted mattressTwisted mattress: yes
The formShape: rectangular
Carry handlesCarrying handles: no

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