20 best new smartphones in 2017

In tune with the times - a review of the most interesting innovations of smartphones in 2017

The best new smartphones of the current 2017 continue to delight us with an increase in productivity and other important characteristics, and the following two trends should be emphasized. Have flagships - This is a departure from the classic screen proportions in favor of increasing the compactness of the smartphone. At the same time, an elongated display can display more lines or it is more convenient to place auxiliary interface elements (in the same games, for example). It remains to wait for the implementation of new features from software developers.

«State employees“But they are actively learning how to charge batteries. The next step for them is wireless solutions in this direction.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best low-cost innovations of smartphones1Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 32Gb + 3Gb9.8 / 1010 989
2Meizu M5s 32Gb9.5 / 109 490
The best new smartphones in the middle price range1Xiaomi mi69.7 / 1021 900
2HTC One X109.7 / 1049 334
3Xiaomi Mi Max 29.6 / 1011 490
4Huawei Nova 2i9.6 / 1018 200
5OPPO F5 4 / 32GB9.6 / 1013 800
6Nokia 69.6 / 1012 010
7LG X Power 2 M3209.5 / 1012 010
8Sony Xperia XA19.4 / 1013 696
Top New Top-Class Smartphones1Huawei mate 109.8 / 1027 610
2Samsung Galaxy S8 +9.8 / 1036 812
3Oneplus 5 64GB9.7 / 1027 990
4Sony Xperia XZ1 Dual9.7 / 1021 990
5HTC U Ultra9.7 / 1032 990
6LG G6 H870DS9.7 / 1026 126
7Google Pixel 2 64GB9.6 / 1036 170
8LG V30 +9.5 / 1028 990
9Nokia 8 Dual sim9.2 / 1021 600
10Apple iPhone X 64GB9.0 / 1058 990

The best low-cost innovations of smartphones

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 32Gb + 3Gb
10 989

This new company Xiaomi is a very interesting example of how using a less productive platform, it was possible to improve the performance characteristics of a smartphone. Although the Helio X20 chip (standing on Redmi Note 4 without X) and demonstrates a noticeably larger number of “parrots” in synthetic tests, under real load it is not so smooth. In addition, the Snapdragon 625 is made on a more "thin" process technology, so in terms of autonomy, the new Redmi Note 4X smartphone surpasses its prototype. At the same time, the device case is practically not heated.

The rest of the smartphones are almost the same, if you do not take into account the appearance of new plastic inserts at the top and bottom. It is possible that the developers deliberately abandoned the all-metal case to improve the quality of communication.

The screen of the smartphone, for the budget, just great. A decent main camera module - under normal lighting, it removes well, and in difficult conditions it helps quite adequate HDR mode. But lovers of self, we recommend this smartphone will not.

The saddest model minus is the inability to work on Band 20 on 4G networks. This is speaking generally about Redmi Note 4X. But just for the recommended version (32Gb + 3Gb) there is a performance of a smartphone with support for this range.

Main advantages:
  • excellent autonomy;
  • not heated under load;
  • high-quality screen;
  • good main camera;
  • There is a slow motion mode.
  • does not support all current LTE bands (except for the global hardware version 32Gb + 3Gb);
  • combined slot for the second SIM and memory card;
  • far from the best front camera.
9.8 / 10
The main thing that just struck me - the charge lasts a week !!! Yes, I do not play games or take pictures. But every day I have phone calls and the Internet.
Meizu M5s 32Gb
9 490

The manufacturer positions this model as an affordable smartphone that supports fast charging. Indeed, in half an hour his battery is able to replenish its charge by no less than half. Given the not very high capacity of the installed battery - the mega-useful “bun”.

The screen resolution is not amazing. But the color accuracy, brightness and uniformity of the backlight is very good.

Another advantage of the Meizu smartphone over the main competitor is the ability to work at all frequencies used by domestic operators for 4G networks. But it’s better not to count on the opportunity to play comfortably to the owner of the novelty in question. Interestingly, saving on a modern platform, the manufacturer did not regret for the basic modification of the M5s three gigabytes of RAM. Consequently, you will not have problems with a large number of simultaneously open tabs in the browser.

Main advantages:
  • convenient mTouch multifunction key;
  • color rendition close to natural;
  • support fast charging;
  • Works on most current LTE bands.
  • modest performance;
  • mediocre autonomy;
  • difficult choice between the second sim card and a memory card.
9.5 / 10
Performance for the eyes is enough for everyone who is not keen on 3D-games. And fast charging a busy person is a must.

The best new smartphones in the middle price range

Xiaomi mi6
21,900 (for a model with 64 GB internal memory)

The novelty of 2017 from the company Xiaomi - Mi6 smartphone - very quickly gained popularity and deserved a lot of positive reviews. This smartphone could be the ideal choice for a demanding, but economical gamer, if not a certain "buggy" used in its custom shell. You will agree that few people will be inspired by frequent “crashes” and freezes, and even the need to reboot the device. Nevertheless, the chances of promptly correcting MIUI are good, and Mi6 has quite good prospects.

One thing that cannot be precisely corrected programmatically is the peculiarities of the execution of the body. He looks great and no less elegant slides in his hand. Well, or on any relatively smooth surface, too. In other words, the case for the current flagship Xiaomi is a mega-useful thing.

With sadness, we have to admit that the manufacturer is steadily following the channel laid by some A-brands. We mean the lack of possibility to increase memory even at the expense of the second SIM-card and the rejection of the usual headphone jack. By the way, it is assumed that the latter is associated with an improvement in moisture protection. So - we strongly recommend not to check this moment.

Main advantages:
  • top "stuffing" at an affordable price;
  • full NFC;
  • elegant appearance;
  • dual main camera with optical zoom;
  • decent quality when shooting in low light conditions.
  • extremely slippery body;
  • no support for memory cards;
  • There are complaints about the stability of the MIUI shell;
  • no audio connector.
9.7 / 10
The smartphone is incredibly beautiful ... Very powerful, absolutely all games go at the highest settings. A good camera, even in low light, the pictures are good.
HTC One X10
49 334

This new product from a famous Taiwanese company makes a complex impression. The smartphone is equipped with a sufficiently capacious battery, so it would be logical to expect from him the ability to work for a long time without recharging. Unfortunately, the hardware platform used here is far from the newest and most energy-efficient system-on-a-chip (Helio P10), which minimizes this competitive advantage. However, not everything is so bad - for 12 hours of continuous playback of the video battery is enough. The second controversial point is connected with the appearance of the smartphone - not everyone will like the shiny “chrome” frame bordering the front panel.

The advantages of the new items are also missing. First of all, this is a very decent main camera and its “advanced” semi-professional software. In particular, it is possible to save images in an uncompressed format or to simultaneously shoot video + photos (Video Pic and ZOE modes). The second pleasant feature of the One X10 is the widest range of screen brightness changes and the excellent anti-glare properties of the latter. It is equally comfortable to use a smartphone both in complete darkness and under direct sunlight. Finally, the sound! The acoustic path of the device is capable of even some "bass".

Main advantages:
  • very wide range of brightness;
  • the ability to record in RAW format;
  • interesting functionality Video Pic and ZOE;
  • good sound path.
  • hybrid tray for cards;
  • mediocre autonomy;
  • does not support some of the LTE bands used by domestic operators.
9.7 / 10
4000 mAh - now the smartphone really lives for a long time. If you save a little, it lasts for 2 days, if not - one and a half, and I forgot about the battery that had already come down by the evening.
Xiaomi Mi Max 2
11,490 (for a model with 64 GB memory)

This smartphone can serve as an excellent illustration for any thesis like: "To the taste and color ...". Someone his dimensions seem prohibitively large, while others will be delighted just from the huge screen of the device. It’s extremely inconvenient to hold the Mi Max 2 in a small palm (when communicating by phone), but it has practically no equal competitors in terms of viewing video. By the way, not least due to the pseudo-stereo implemented with the help of the spoken and multimedia speakers. Only you need to understand that their different output power determines the maximum volume level in this mode.

Demanding amateur photographers will be dissatisfied with the quality of the pictures, and for all others, even the capabilities of the “automaton” here are enough for the eyes. The lack of support for the Band 20 and contactless payment module is already familiar to the average Xiaomi smartphones. But with what the novelty of 2017 definitely has no problems, so it is with autonomy. Fully discharge the battery Mi Max 2 throughout the day still need to try. For example, from morning to evening continuously watch movies.

Main advantages:
  • excellent autonomy for a smartphone with such a huge screen;
  • stereo sound through speakers.
  • no NFC module;
  • does not support the B20 range.
9.6 / 10
Powerful battery - even when using the navigator, watching movies and reading books, quietly live up to the night with a confident 25%, and if used moderately, it lasts three days. Very good smartphone, in my opinion.
Huawei Nova 2i
18 200

This smartphone - Huawei's 2017 new product has several alternative titles at once. In one place, she is known as Mate 10 Lite, in the other she is promoted to the market, like the Huawei G10, in the third - she gained fame under the name Maimang 6. By the way, Honor 7X is practically the same, just with its own characteristics. For example, the frontal camera of the “Oner” is the only one. Actually, the presence of four cameras is the main “chip” of the smartphone under consideration. We recognize that the sense of a selfie with a blurred background eludes us, possibly due to the lack of refinement of artistic taste. The chamber part will please the owner of the new “Nova” also with the ability to shoot video in the Slow Motion mode, which is quite rare for this value category. In general, Huawei has once again confirmed its reputation as a manufacturer of good affordable smartphones with a decent level of photo / video. Of the nice features, we also note the excellent screen (18: 9) and the possibility of increasing the sensitivity of its sensory layer for working with gloves. And the “sadness” consists in the absence of the NFC module and the long-obsolete single-band Wi-Fi.

Main advantages:
  • hardware bokeh for selfie and decent quality of the shooting as a whole (with sufficient lighting);
  • excellent screen with thin frames;
  • fast multifunctional fingerprint scanner;
  • works for Band 20;
  • Bluetooth with aptX support;
  • solid amounts of internal and internal memory.
  • single-band Wi-Fi;
  • no NFC module;
  • Hybrid tray for a memory card / second SIM card.
9.6 / 10
A good smartphone, not inferior to the same Galaxy A7, except that there is no water resistance, and the main camera is a little worse.
OPPO F5 4 / 32GB
13 800

A smartphone with a good camera, the most interesting novelty of 2017 for selfie lovers and not only. In addition to the 20-megapixel front camera, it uses advanced self-learning technology, which the manufacturer called AI Beauty. The idea of ​​upgrading individuals is that their 200-point models are first built, and then the best options for eliminating defects are selected based on the analysis of the shape of the head, gender, age, lighting and other criteria from the existing cloud base. If there is a desire to look into the eyes of harsh objective reality, the "chip" is easy to turn off. At the same time, the quality of the pictures is still high, and even a faint light does not make the picture worse. The main camera is also quite decent.

The smartphone is built on the newest single-chip mid-level system, so its autonomy is fine. This chip does not demonstrate performance records, but the device does not drive the “heavy” graphics of modern toys into a stupor. Even at OPPO F5 there is a great screen with thin frames and a trend aspect ratio (18: 9), a decent amount of "operatives", easy expansion of the amount of internal memory and all the necessary 4G ranges. But with contactless payment systems, this model is not able to work, alas.

Main advantages:
  • smart selfie camera;
  • excellent screen;
  • large amount of RAM;
  • supports all 4G bands used in our networks;
  • separate slots for memory cards and SIMs;
  • energy efficient hardware platform and capacious battery.
  • dual-band, but not the most modern Wi-Fi;
  • does not support NFC technology.
9.6 / 10
Nokia 6
12,010 (for a model with 32 GB internal memory)

This smartphone is the most awaited and discussed novelty of 2017 from the revived brand. Possesses the all-metal case and rather advanced cameras. Recall that in terms of photo capabilities, Nokia mobile gadgets have always differed for the better from their competitors classmates. It's nice that the company HMD Global, which now owns the rights to such a glorious name, continues this policy. As for the strength of the body, there is a video on Youtube that demonstrates how to split nuts with the help of a device. Other technical characteristics of Nokia 6 do not look so solid, but do not forget about the price category of this device. Before us is an affordable phablet camera phone with a large screen diagonal and a solid maximum brightness. In addition, the display device has excellent viewing angles and correct color reproduction.

It is worth noting that the smartphone is available in two versions: for the Chinese and European markets. The first of them does not work on all LTE bands, and also has limitations in terms of access to Google services and other specific features of the firmware.

Main advantages:
  • decent chamber part (for its price segment);
  • Mighty display;
  • durable and hard case.
  • a combined slot for a memory card and a second SIM card;
  • mediocre autonomy.
9.6 / 10
For me, the main thing here is a clear interface, usability, durability and practicality.
LG X Power 2 M320
12 010

The main "chip" of this new product is excellent autonomy - for a smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches, the manufacturer promises fantastic survivability. However, given the very modest resolution of the display matrix (1280 × 720), the declared figures do not seem to us to be truly outstanding. Among other interesting features of the smartphone, it is worth mentioning the absence of a pause between pressing the “shutter release” button and the “snapshot” itself, which will be useful when capturing dynamic scenes, as well as the availability of proprietary ways to control the front camera using gestures (autos).

The hardware part of the device is not impressive with its capabilities. The overall level of performance of his "stuffing" rather befits models with a price tag of a couple thousand less. In addition, the developers of X Power 2 did not consider it necessary to equip their offspring with a fingerprint scanner.

Main advantages:
  • very capacious rechargeable battery;
  • special mode for comfortable reading;
  • "Advanced" features in terms of photography.
  • modest screen resolution;
  • does not work on all current 4G bands;
  • no fingerprint scanner.
9.5 / 10
Very good smartphone, and if you do not actively sit on the Internet, the charge for two days is more than enough.
Sony Xperia XA1
13 696

Inexpensive novelty from Sony in 2017 - the Sony Xperia XA1 smartphone.True, the budget of the smartphone in Japanese looks very peculiar. On the one hand, this lack of a fingerprint scanner and a display with HD resolution, on the other hand, is a good camera part, a solid package of the freshest wireless interfaces and the usual high price.

In principle, for 5 inches Full HD may be redundant. Moreover, the manufacturer does not change the sad tradition of using small-capacity batteries in its devices, trying to increase autonomy through software optimization of energy consumption. The novelty even knows how to adapt to the daily routine of its owner, reducing the brightness of the backlight and the volume of the ringing speaker during his sleep.

The main camera Xperia XA1 received from the recent flagship, but she was "forbidden" to shoot the video in 4K. Unfortunately, optical stabilization is absent here. The smartphone supports the aptX profile and may be interesting from the point of view of high-quality music transfer via Bluetooth. With the work in the fourth generation networks, the situation is as follows: the data transfer rate corresponds to Cat.6, but you have to carefully select the XA1 modification for your conditions (list of used ranges).

Main advantages:
  • relatively decent main camera;
  • good gaming performance;
  • interesting frameless design;
  • Support for the latest versions of wireless interfaces.
  • no fingerprint scanner;
  • small battery capacity;
  • no modification with the full “package” of current LTE bands;
  • high price.
9.4 / 10
The screen is great. The fact that he only 1280x720 learned only from the characteristics. I don’t need a fingerprint scanner, so I don’t consider it to be a lack.

Top New Top-Class Smartphones

Huawei mate 10
27 610

Another step to create a full-fledged artificial intelligence made the company Huawei. Its top single-chip system, the Kirin 970, received an additional block, which was called the Neural Processing Unit. Now, in all smartphones based on this chip, including the latest Mate 10, intellectual technologies are “working”. And nothing else. They are used to recognize scenes and objects when shooting, when implementing digital zoom in the same place, for optimal distribution of internal tasks and effective management of energy consumption. It is difficult to say whether the AI ​​is exactly the case, but there are improvements in all of the above. At least, with autonomy, Mate 10 is doing well, with performance it’s just fine, and its smartphone scores 97 points on DxOMark. Why did we take in this review the basic version of the current flagship of the Chinese? And because it is cheaper, more convenient and more practical than any options there with the names Pro and, especially, Porsche Design. And the price in our case is in last place in importance.

Main advantages:
  • the most modern "stuffing";
  • excellent photo and video quality;
  • gigabit modem;
  • very decent autonomy.
  • weak moisture protection (IP53);
  • Marked glass backdrop and there is no wireless charging;
  • When shooting in 4K format, stabilization does not work (on the current firmware).
9.8 / 10
The first wow effect of how small it is. Until you turn on the screen. Before that, there was Mate 8, so in comparison with the novelty, it is just a shovel.
Samsung Galaxy S8 +
36 812

Samsung's flagship novelty is an embodiment of the idea of ​​making a smartphone with a 6.2-inch screen compact. And its essence is to change the proportions of the latter - instead of the usual 16: 9 or 16:10, the sides of the Galaxy S8 + display correlate as 18.5 to 9. In principle, the decision is sound and promising, only many applications are not aware of the possibilities yet creating non-classical black frames (on the sides).

The location of the fingerprint sensor looks somewhat controversial - not under the lens of the rear camera, but next to it. We see another “minus” in the absence of a second speaker. And this is despite the fact that the sound path of the device is built using a high-quality dedicated DAC. Everything else is expected deserves extremely enthusiastic reviews: the highest performance, high-speed connection to 4G networks (Cat.16), Bluetooth version 5.0. The main camera has not changed, some processing algorithms have only been improved. Frontal acquired autofocus and added resolution. The role of the flash for it is played by the display, and the ability to control the shade of its glow allows you to get the right white balance in all conditions.

Main advantages:
  • relatively compact device with a large screen;
  • the most modern "stuffing";
  • decent sound path;
  • excellent chamber part;
  • IP68 protection;
  • good autonomy.
  • unsuccessful location of the fingerprint scanner;
  • one multimedia speaker;
  • combined slot "memory card / second SIM";
  • glossy brand and slippery body.
9.8 / 10
The best among the novelties of smartphones in 2017. The screen is super! 4 modes of a color rendition. The speaker is very loud, you have to turn it down, if you do not want others to hear your interlocutor.
Oneplus 5 64GB
27 990

Some ambivalence of sensations appears after becoming acquainted with the smartphone, the new 2017 OnePlus company. For example, it is completely incomprehensible what the manufacturer expected, tritely switching part of the cores to constant overclocking mode, when running popular benchmarks on a smartphone. Such things very quickly come to light and noticeably spoil the reputation, and all because of a dozen or two additional “parrots”.

Praising the fifth OnePlus, marketers are focusing on a dual camera with a record-breaking total resolution (16 + 20 Mp). And everything would be fine, but there is no optical stabilization there, and the pixels have relatively small physical dimensions, which affects the quality of images in difficult conditions. Nevertheless, according to the DxOMark resource, the chamber part of the model in question is really decent and only slightly inferior to the flagships of the A-brands. Actually, like all other characteristics, with the exception of the shell protection class (IP). Here, OnePlus has an obvious flaw.

Main advantages:
  • high performance;
  • good autonomy;
  • decent chamber part;
  • relatively low price, taking into account the top "stuffing".
  • memory card does not support;
  • no optical stabilization;
  • weak moisture protection.
9.7 / 10
Bought a week ago. For two days the battery is not enough, but for one, with very active use, easily. At the same time, fast charging is good, in an hour up to 90% of the nominal. I do not see any jelly screen.
Sony Xperia XZ1 Dual
21 990

The new flagship of the company, "chip" which is the ability to shoot videos at a speed of 960 frames per second. However, only in the standard 720p and with a time limit, this mode is implemented using a special buffer memory. The camera has become even “smarter” and makes three shots on its own before the shutter is released - the subject just smiles into the lens. We also recall that the proprietary feature of the current Sony brand smartphones is the location of the fingerprint scanner - it is built into the power button on the side. Such a constructive solution made it possible to place on the front side two excellent stereo speakers without any problems.

If we evaluate the Xperia XZ1 based on benchmark results, the smartphone is noticeably inferior to competitors built on the same hardware platform (Snapdragon 835). You just need to take into account that its capabilities are deliberately "clamped" here in order to increase autonomy.

Main advantages:
  • super slow shooting mode;
  • excellent sound path;
  • surprisingly decent autonomy.
  • original angular design;
  • clearly overpriced.
9.7 / 10
Autonomy very satisfied. I expected that this would be a weak point, but it turned out the opposite. In real conditions, I got 2 days of work.
HTC U Ultra
32,990 (for a model with 128 GB internal memory)

HTC has decided to follow in the footsteps of LG and has supplied its new phablet with an additional two-inch display located above the main one. There is no doubt that there is a benefit from this technical solution, but if there are also a scanner of prints on the front panel, the height of the smartphone turned out to be solid.

Another idea, creatively reworked by Taiwanese, is the self-taught intellectual assistant Sense Companion (a kind of alternative to Google Now). It is supposed that, having typed the necessary statistical base, it will give useful hints and tips. For example, “having heard” your intention to visit your favorite restaurant will suggest the best route, taking into account your current location, traffic situation, and so on. A remarkable feature of the novelty is also the fact that the resolution of its front-facing camera is greater than the main one. At the same time, she knows how to shoot in the so-called ultra-pixel mode, which allows to compensate for the lack of lighting by partially reducing the detail.

Main advantages:
  • spectacular appearance;
  • useful and convenient additional screen;
  • decent chamber part;
  • self-learning assistant.
  • mark body;
  • weak moisture protection;
  • low autonomy;
  • hybrid slot for a memory card or a second SIM.
9.7 / 10
The ability to switch between megapixel (for high resolution) and ultra pixel (for shooting in dim light) in the camera is a thing! The sound, as usual with HTC, cool.
LG G6 H870DS
26 126

LG also decided to experiment with the proportions of the screen, and even Samsung did it a bit earlier. True, its new formula is not so radical, “only” 18: 9 with a device diagonal of 5.7 inches. In addition to the non-standard aspect ratio, the display is also asymmetrically located relative to the top and bottom edges of the smartphone, which not everyone will like.

By the way, the novelty of 2017 does not have a convenient and functional additional screen. Interestingly, the case of the smartphone is covered behind the glass with Gorilla Glass 5, and in front - with the protection of the third generation from the same manufacturer. According to many experts, they differ in resistance to extreme loads and scratches.

As for the "stuffing" G6 - the developers used for the flagship is not the most modern platform. However, its capabilities with head enough for any needs, whether it be resource-intensive games or a browser with many simultaneously open tabs. One of the "chips" model can be considered according to the standard MIL-STD-810G. It is assumed that a smartphone without consequences should withstand a multiple fall from a height of 1 m on materials such as "tree".

Main advantages:
  • compact size with a large enough screen;
  • maintains shock loads according to the army standard MIL-STD-810G;
  • Great sound through headphones, thanks to the chip ESS SABER ES9218.
  • not the most impressive autonomy;
  • A hybrid slot for a second SIM or memory card.
9.7 / 10
I managed to drop the smartphone on the second day of use. He fell on the tile on the edge, but remained completely intact - no cracks or scratches.
Google Pixel 2 64GB
36 170

Superficially, the new “pixel” is not impressive at all, and the company's designers have a lot to do. Well, the case would be limited to one faceless model and indecently large framework (for the flagship). In terms of structural strength, there are also miscalculations - the Pixel 2 body bends remarkably and is prone to cracking in the antenna area. In general, it seems that Google has focused its main efforts on developing and improving the intellectual abilities of a smartphone, and here it will find something to attract potential buyers. This is a smart assistant, and Now Playing, which can recognize music playing somewhere nearby, as well as the Google Lens service, which allows you to identify various objects in the pictures and get informative help on them. Of course, all the listed "chips" are closely integrated with the ecosystem of the company, which is capable of surpassing Apple's system in the near future. Against this background, the first position of the smartphone in the DxOMark rating no longer seems to be something unique. So, just a cherry on the cake.

Main advantages:
  • excellent chamber part;
  • functionality that is already useful and promising in the near future.
  • inexpressive design with huge frames;
  • no wireless charging;
  • immodest price.
9.6 / 10
The best smartphone of 2017, definitely a great camera, naked Android and a bunch of cool search services.
LG V30 +
28 990

Immediately, we note that, in the case of the current LG flagship, “plus” in the model name means twice the amount of internal memory. And that's all. If you immediately start with the findings - we have an expensive excellent smartphone for audiophiles.

No, the V30 has other flagship capabilities, but not without reservations. For example, it seems like a smart dual main camera with an aperture of f / 1.6. During the day - there are no questions, everything is almost perfect, and the quality of shooting video is the best in its class. In addition, the corresponding software very carefully corrects the distortion (wide-angle lens distortion). No "barrels" and no close. But who inspired the developers of the device the idea that the combination of high-aperture optics and single-micron pixel (IMX351) works well when there is not enough light? What about the non-disconnecting beautifier in the front camera with a resolution of 5 MP? And this is the flagship ...

A sound path to fame, yes. Digital filters, customizable 32-bit ESS Saber ES9218 + DAC, 75 volume gradations. But here, not without nuances. A short press on the adjustment button is one item, and a long one - well, oh-oh.

Main advantages:
  • the highest quality of the sound path;
  • IP68 and MIL-STD-810G protection;
  • practically standard when shooting video in normal conditions;
  • the power button is combined with a fingerprint scanner.
  • photo / video quality is very dependent on light;
  • far from the flagship frontalka;
  • only 4 GB of RAM;
  • very sleek body;
  • inadequate price tag.
9.5 / 10
This new product is the best music smartphone of 2017. Previously used iBasso DX90 player. Here the sound is no worse, very clean, surround and detailed. Yes, with ordinary headphones, the difference when you turn on / off Hi-Fi you will not hear.
Nokia 8 Dual sim
21 600

Developing its flagship smartphone in 2017, the company HMD Global, which now owns such a glorious brand, decided to focus on video filming. And not only on its quality, but also on special application scenarios. The first is well illustrated with the Nokia OZO Audio surround sound recording technology. For example, it allows you to specify the object of tracking for microphones and, as you do not change the position of the smartphone, the acoustic signals of the “supervised” person will be in priority. As for the special modes - there are two of them, and they are focused on bloggers. This simultaneous shooting on the front and main camera (Dual-Sight or Bothie), as well as the function of live broadcast on YouTube or Facebook, built-in interface of the camera. It remains to add that with the main components of the latter also everything is fine: Zeiss optics; all three sensors with a resolution of 13 megapixels and the pixel itself with a size of 1.12 μm; tandem module type RGB + monochrome; There is an infrared rangefinder. On the other hand, there are complaints about the available settings of shooting modes, as well as the quality of the picture during a live broadcast.

Main advantages:
  • a large selection of video modes (Dual-Sight, Time Lapse, Slow Motion and others);
  • high-quality results of shooting under normal lighting;
  • top "stuffing".
  • lack of options for setting up the screen and camera;
  • mediocre autonomy;
  • no stereo sound (and in the same Nokia 6 is);
  • Glance Screen technology (an analogue of Always-On-Display) displays events not for all applications;
  • The asking price does not match the current brand level.
9.2 / 10
Makes just great, superflagmanskie, photos. This side is very happy, although the manual settings could be more comfortable.
Apple iPhone X 64GB
58 990

Speaking of the best smartphones in 2017, of course, you can not ignore Apple. The jubilee iPhone turned out to be Apple’s and the most controversial. Naturally, fans of the brand traditionally extol him, but claims to the device from this does not become less. Screen. Suppose you could get used to the design with mono-bobble, useful area and all that, but really it was impossible to do without PWM or, at least, to implement it with greater frequency. And the complaints of the owners of the problems of the sensory layer when going out to the cold?

Identification. Even at the official presentation, her confident work could not be demonstrated the first time, and the commercial with the girl in the pool was completely clean. What to say about the complicating factors, such as the presence of a scarf with glasses and a hat, the consequences of excessive drinking or aggressive makeup. On the safety of drivers to mention already and not worth it. Control. The principle of “swiping there, swiping here” is good if there are not very many gestures and they are intuitive. However, this moment is the least critical. Features smaller list simply does not make sense. With all these “little things”, the price of the iPhone X seems even more inadequate than in the whole Apple product line.

Main advantages:
  • record productive "stuffing";
  • excellent quality photo / video;
  • stereo sound;
  • conditionally frameless design.
  • Many nuances when using Face ID;
  • a sufficient number of complaints on the display;
  • far from the most convenient control system;
  • exorbitant price.
9.0 / 10
You need to get used to the new gestures of management. Without the Home button at first, it is inconvenient and unusual.

In 2017, smartphone manufacturers continue to delight us with interesting novelties. Each of the smartphones presented in our review is interesting in its own way, even the unreasonably expensive Xperia XA1. Well, and you choose. Have a nice shopping!