7 best FM transmitters for your car

FM transmitter: simple and convenient audio solution

Now it is difficult to find a model of car radio that cannot read flash drives or memory cards. But, if an excellent sensitive receiver is available, which is second only to modern devices in this respect, the situation can be easily corrected with the help of an FM transmitter. Such a device is easily and simply connected, elementarily tuned and instantly expands the capabilities of proven technology, giving it a second breath.

The best (according to experts and customer reviews) FM modulators of 2018 are in our rating.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The most affordable FM transmitter1Ritmix FMT A7059.4 / 10350
The best low-cost FM transmitters1Neoline Bliss FM9.5 / 10900
2Ritmix A7809.4 / 101 000
3Mystery MFM-26CU9.3 / 10900
4Rolsen RFA-1009.1 / 10500
Top FM Transmitters with Bluetooth Module1Neoline Wave FM9.8 / 101 700
2Mystery MFM-80BCU9.7 / 101 800

The most affordable FM transmitter

Ritmix FMT A705

The democratic value of this FM modulator does not prevent it from performing its functions well. Moreover, against the background of many competitors, the Ritmix A705 stands out favorably with support for drives with capacities up to 32 GB and 12/24 universal power. There is even an equalizer with four modes of operation and a simple remote control.

In fact, more expensive fellows surpass this model only with the ability to reproduce the WMA format. If this moment is important to you, pay attention to the twin transmitter Ellipse FM from Neoline. True, it will cost the buyer a little more expensive and is not intended for use on heavy trucks.

Main advantages:
  • support for SD memory cards, microSD and flash drives up to 32 GB;
  • universal food;
  • attractive price.
  • there is no possibility to change the angle of the display;
  • understands only MP3 format.
9.4 / 10
It is inexpensive, works reliably, it is problematic to break - the best FM transmitter for undemanding users.

The best low-cost FM transmitters

Neoline Bliss FM

The recommended transmitter allows you to upgrade an outdated car audio center for relatively little money. The model from the category “it is not easier”, but all the main features in it are available. These include support for two types of digital media up to 16 GB each, 12/24 V universal power, coverage of the entire FM range in 0.1 MHz increments, and a remote control. The quality of sound transmission is very good, without noise and audible distortion. Switching tracks fast, no more than half a second.

When choosing the Neoline Bliss FM transmitter to extend the regular capabilities of your car’s audio system, pay attention to the display installed in it. Part of the manufacturer makes a model with a simplified version of this node, which displays only the operating frequency or track number. However, given the location of the cigarette lighter in most cases, the high information content of a small screen is not a parameter of paramount importance.

Main advantages:
  • good sound quality;
  • universal food;
  • support playback by folders.
  • strange "random" playback mode;
  • Some of the switching is done only with the help of the remote control.
9.5 / 10
I tried three other modulators before buying Bliss FM, somewhere the sound was incredibly quiet, somewhere there was interference, the problem on the problem was shorter. Here everything is normal - the music plays loud and clear.
Ritmix A780
1 000

Car cigarette lighter in modern electronics enjoys increased popularity. If there are several gadgets, devices with additional USB sockets can resolve the conflict with this node to some extent. This Ritmix A780 FM modulator also has this “bun”, and its charging port provides a solid current of 2.1 A.

An interesting device is also the ability to adjust the volume level. For these purposes, a convenient rotary knob is used, also used as a playback control. Tracks can be played both sequentially and randomly. Including the folders. The transmitter understands memory cards and flash drives up to 32 GB in size, and is also capable of transmitting signals coming through a line input to the airwaves.

Main advantages:
  • powerful USB port;
  • support for high-capacity digital media;
  • ability to adjust the volume level.
  • There may be installation problems (due to the form).
9.4 / 10
Very convenient and practical transmitter. And you will always put your music at any time, and you can charge almost anything on the way.
Mystery MFM-26CU

FM-transmitter Mystery MFM-26CU provides ample opportunities for its owner. Despite the low price, this device has an extensive range of functions. In particular, you can check the option to rotate the display by 180 degrees, which allows you to position the modulator as the driver will be most comfortable. In addition, the device is equipped with an equalizer with five preset modes, allowing you to improve the sound of any musical composition and give it new colors and depth.

The device is equipped with a convenient playback memory function that allows you to repeat the tracks in the sequence that the owner likes. The large display provides excellent readability of information both on a sunny day and in conditions of minimum illumination. A small drawback of the device: its fragility associated with the option to rotate the display. Careless use can quickly disable the modulator. If you do not like the red display light, pay attention to the model MFM-27CU. By the way, the screen is more informative here, and the frequency range is wider.

Main advantages:
  • separate power switch;
  • 5 equalizer profiles;
  • large coverage radius.
  • supports drives up to 4 GB.
9.3 / 10
The device works like "connected and forgotten." The purity of the sound in it is combined as much as possible with convenience, and a small remote control will even allow you to arrange a small country disco or a cheerful revel.
Rolsen RFA-100

The device immediately attracts the attention of provocative design, which is uniquely associated with the emblem of a famous car brand. In fact, the Rolsen RFA-100 transmitter has no relation to the Honda brand, and the recognizable logo is the original separator for the control keys. We must pay tribute to the developers - the layout invented by them was very ergonomic and practical. Even in the twilight, mistakenly press "not that" you need to try hard.

Despite the extremely modest price tag, the FM modulator is equipped with a remote control, which greatly simplifies the procedure of setting up and switching to other modes. The source of the music tracks for the built-in MP3 player is a memory card or a flash drive up to 4 GB (although the manufacturer indicates 16 GB in the instructions). The player can work with catalogs, you only need to take into account that there should not be more than one hundred on one carrier.

Main advantages:
  • original design;
  • nice lights;
  • affordable price.
  • for the price there.
9.1 / 10
Very good FM transmitter. It is simple as an ax - you insert a flash drive and press Play. Looks more expensive than it costs. There is no interference even when the recorder is on.

Top FM Transmitters with Bluetooth Module

Neoline Wave FM
1 700

Now many people prefer to “carry” their music with them. The benefit of modern digital drives are compact and provide storage of thousands of tracks on one device. The flip side of the medal is the difficulty of finding and choosing the right mood among such a large collection.

As much as possible to simplify this process allows a bunch of a smartphone or tablet and speaker system, as well as a wireless way to exchange data between them. If the head unit does not have a built-in Bluetooth module, the use of an intermediate link can become an elegant way out. For example, such as the FM-transmitter Neoline Wave FM.

He is perfectly capable of broadcasting audio files recorded on a plug-in memory card or flash drive, and support for several Bluetooth protocols allows you to do the same for content on an interfaced smartphone. Moreover, thanks to the built-in microphone, the gadget can be used to organize phone calls using the Hands Free technology. If the last function does not interest you, pay attention to the Neoline Rawe FM model.

Main advantages:
  • Hands free technology support;
  • two USB connectors (2.4 A and 1 A);
  • support for drives up to 32 GB.
  • when an incoming call, the call signal to the radio is not transmitted;
  • Equalizer is better not to use;
  • No tag translation via RDS.
9.8 / 10
The best FM modulator with Bluetooth. The sound is good, and so much so that you will recognize all the flaws of your MP3s that you have not noticed before.
Mystery MFM-80BCU
1 800

In the interpretation of Mystery, the top class for automotive FM transmitters looks like the MFM-80BCU model. Informative multi-line display can even display a phone number when an incoming call. What is expected, the transmitter at this moment begins to perform the functions of a hands-free headset. You can dial the number of the subscriber and call him using the remote control.

A convenient additional remote control on the steering wheel helps to distract the driver from the tense traffic situation, and only a few FM transmitters can boast with such an accessory. The quality of the transmitted signals is provided by the Clear Voice Capture clear voice capture technology, which provides reliable noise and echo cancellation. Naturally, the MFM-80BCU music files recorded on the smartphone can also be played. Of the significant drawbacks of the model, it is worth mentioning the relatively modest maximum amount of carriers, which influenced the decrease in the overall assessment.

Main advantages:
  • two remotes included;
  • Hands free technology support;
  • Clear Voice Capture technology support;
  • Informative display with a diagonal of 1.4 ".
  • does not read media larger than 4 GB.
9.7 / 10
Really useful thing, especially if you do not want to change the high-quality complete car receiver.

Which FM transmitter is better to buy?

Before going to the store should be balanced to assess their needs. First of all, the transmitter with the Bluetooth module is worth buying if you plan to play audio files stored in the memory of the smartphone. Hands Free functionality can be interesting to drivers who do not have a wireless headset and who do not want to violate the requirements of traffic safety rules. If the car is equipped with a navigator, radar detector or other electronics of this kind, an additional USB port will not be superfluous. In all other cases, it suffices to restrict ourselves to the simplest models of FM transmitters, paying attention to the volumes of supported drives and the range of reliable reception.

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