Top 5 electric guitars

How to learn to play and not to hate music

It so happened that we started writing from the end - first an article about the best combo amps was published, and only now about electric guitars. However, from a historical point of view, everything is true: if it were not for the first unknown inventors who, in pursuit of an increase in the volume of their amplifiers from banal illiteracy in electronics, created a classic overloaded sound, there would not be a whole layer of culture that the guitar became.

So, today the topic of our discussion is precisely the best electric guitars, and the article itself is intended primarily for novice musicians who, fearing to make a mistake when choosing a guitar “from the hands” (here the author let out a nostalgic tear, remembering how he bought his first Ibanez the price as your current Fender), go to music stores. In the end, having learned to play and choose your own style, you yourself can then choose or assemble yourself a suitable instrument, n'est pas?

That is why we will consider two categories, based on clear definitions - we will find the best guitar for relatively light styles (the choice of a novice punk), and the paddle illuminated by Satan’s darkness for lovers black metal. (The author warns in advance: note that in a few years you can all hit the blues).

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best electric guitar for classic rock1Squier Bullet Stratocaster9.5 / 1013 600
2Yamaha Pacifica 1129.4 / 1019 990
3ARIA STG-0039.0 / 109 625
Top guitars for heavy styles1Epiphone Les Paul Special II9.7 / 1026 100
2Jackson JS11 Dinky9.6 / 1018 100

The best electric guitar for classic rock

Squier Bullet Stratocaster
13 600
I'm not afraid of this word - the legendary guitar. Legendary in the first place among novice guitarists who have no money, but want to touch the legend. And indeed, among all the Fender Stratocaster clones, this one was not just made according to the drawings of that very strata of 57 years old (here even the picgard still fastens on 8 screws, and the machine - on 6), but also proudly bears the inscription “Genuine Fender Product” on the neck. (owners of the “Crafted in China” line immediately erase).

Despite the ignoble, according to purists, origin, this guitar will really give you the opportunity to play beautifully on pure sound and fully extend the classic crunch or medium overload (on the high-level singles, although of very high quality, will still turn the sound into a mess). The body of the "Bullet" is an honest gluing together of three pieces of lime, and it gives a good sustain, and the famous "glass" can also give out a good machine. The only thing that can cause difficulties is, again, a neck with a neck of 40 mm, made according to the canons of the 57th year, but after some practice it is easy to get used to it.

In the future, you will have a huge space for improvements: all the classic "Fender" iron and its high-quality copies stand on this guitar as a native one. And, believe me, after even the simplest modifications (copper shielding plus competent electronics soldering, for lovers of heavy sound - rail pickups) the guitar can play much better, and in the hands of the sophisticated master will be able to reach its full potential.

Main advantages:
  • Ready for the game out of the box, high build quality
  • Excellent potential for improvements.
  • The classic need for initial fine-tuning: locking or additional springs in a tremolo, and so on.
  • Playing an ungrounded cheap amplifier, you can catch the radio "Mayak" (however, like any guitar with singles)
9.5 / 10
From the first guitar, Bullet Strat slowly moved to the rehearsal one - the concert already has the best instrument, but it is still great for rehearsals.
Yamaha Pacifica 112
19 990
When looking at this guitar, I remember how the Japanese cloned a long time ago Harley-Davidson WLA under the brand name Rikuo, as the first Yamaha motorcycle was the clone DKW RT125 (for the sake of justice, which also became our “Moscow”). Indeed, before us, as in the case of the Squier, is a clone of a vintage stratocaster, only with a humbucker in the bridge, and made in the same way in the budget area of ​​Asia.

Of course, the installation of the humbucker in the bridge made it possible to play heavier music, but in universality the guitar clearly lost the “copy of the license” from Squier: first, instead of the five-way switch (bridge, bridge + middle in antiphase, middle in antiphase + some, some) here is a rather boring HSS switching scheme, and secondly, only one tone control - the Squier, like the original “strat”, allows you to play with much larger differences in sound and adjust the tone for the two pickups (bridge and middle) . So the purchase of "Mahi" will be more justified if you immediately aim at a weighted game on a bridge pickup. And do not forget that the body here is from agatis, and not from linden (all markers are different, but still linden sounds better on the wedge).

Main advantages:
  • Tangible focus on rhythm parts.
  • High-quality assembly.
  • Still need to be shielded, and ideally - to change the pickups.
9.4 / 10
If Squire or Epiphon have earned popularity as subsidiary brands Fender and Gibson, then Yamaha is Yamaha! This is the best electric guitar.
9 625
This electric guitar is the best option for those musicians to whom a small difference in money is already becoming critical. Aria is a typical clone of a vintage stratocaster, partially modified by designers: if the body with the classic color of “sunburst” and picgard with 8 holes clearly refers to the classics, the Asian manufacturer has slightly modified the shape of the neck.

As for the sound of the instrument, this is exactly the case when the guitar is taken to play at home in a cheap combo, but no more than that: further improvements will be immediately needed, and even “out of the box” will not interfere with at least rolling frets. But for this money you will receive at least a quality alder case, and not a “sandwich” known from (God forbid) Zombie guitars and (in Soviet Russia guitar plays YOU!) “Ural”.

Let's just say: in front of you is a good cheap and everywhere selling guitar.

Main advantages:
  • Cheap and quite playable.
  • If the desire to play remains, an understanding will come that could be a little more digging.
9.0 / 10
The first guitar, like the first girl, is not forgotten. And she can forgive a lot - after all, it was then that you studied ...)

Top guitars for heavy styles

Epiphone Les Paul Special II
26 100
The second category of the best electric guitar rating is headed by the “official clone” - this time a subsidiary of Gibson. But, if the Bullet Strat was a copy of Stratocaster'57, then the Epiphone is only a variation on the theme of the equally famous “Les Paul”.

The timbreblock design is most unpleasant here - if the original from the Gibson Lead / Rhytm switch was in the upper part of the deck, and the timbre and volume for each humbucker were separately built below, then everything was removed in one node with a common timbre and volume. Yes, and humbuckers themselves - this is the usual dvukhpushechnik, and not the classic closed "Lespolovskie".

The main claim to timbre is the impossibility of an upgrade: on the original Les Paul, after replacing or soldering humbuckers and installing push-pull timbre potentiometers, it was possible to play with a cut-off, combining almost complete transparency of singles with overtones of mahogany soundboard. But this, of course, is already from the “for masters” series - for the novice guitar player, Epiphone is the only option to buy a new mahogany budget.

Main advantages:
  • Dense, "meat" sound on highgayne.
  • The timbre is absolutely unsuitable for modifications.
9.7 / 10
Even Harley-Davidson has budget versions. Immediately in our hands in the "almost" Gibson.
Jackson JS11 Dinky
18 100
Before us is the case when a cheap series of a fairly well-known brand is quite playable and adds bonuses to charisma. Indeed, the younger "Jacks" looks quite grown-up and can produce a good sound at overload. The main thing is not to touch the lever of the two-support tremolo, which, without file modification, traditionally quickly frustrates the instrument.

Just say: this is not the guitar that can be connected to a home computer, run the Guitar Rig and start hacking mitll. There are none at all - but with a normal machine, warmed up with a suitable lotion, you can squeeze out a dense and heavy distortion without unnecessary debris in the sound, if you immediately put more “meat” pickups on the guitar ... But this is already a general recommendation for the entire budget class.

Main advantages:
  • +5 to charisma on performances
  • It is quite interesting to play out of the box.
  • It is not clear why it was necessary to complicate the design and raise the price for unnecessary tremolo.
9.6 / 10
One of the best tools for a novice mitolla beginner. I guarantee you that.

The main rule when choosing a tool is to touch it with your own hands. Therefore, our article is only a recommendation: in any case, we advise you to listen to several instruments through a good amplifier. Through cheap and Stratocaster Custom Shop will not benefit in comparison with Zombie, the question is only in money and the desire to grow further.

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