5 best smartphones Lenovo

Outstanding representatives of the "heavenly" products

Lenovo today is considered the largest Chinese manufacturer of smartphones. Lenovo's technology giant is expanding its product lines in a rather ambiguous way - by acquiring relevant divisions from other companies along with the rights to a popular brand. At the same time, it cannot be said that the Chinese’s own designs were bad. Simply, Lenovo's “native” smartphones are not considered prestigious, and the company's management is actively trying to change this situation. In particular, not all Motorola brand fans enthusiastically received the news of its purchase by Lenovo. They are right or not - time will tell. And we bring to your attention a review of the best (in 2016-2017) Lenovo smartphone models already taking into account the realities of today.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Lenovo's flagship smartphone1Lenovo Moto Z9.7 / 1015 690
Best Lenovo Intermediate Smartphone1Lenovo Moto M9.6 / 1012 500
Lenovo's Best Long Term Smartphone1Lenovo P29.8 / 1012 500
Lenovo's Best Phablet1Lenovo Phab 2 Pro9.6 / 1019 000
The most practical smartphone Lenovo1Lenovo K6 Note9.5 / 1019 000

Lenovo's flagship smartphone

Lenovo Moto Z
15 690 (for a model with a memory capacity of 32 GB)

Opens a review of the best smartphones Lenovo, of course, the flagship - Lenovo Moto Z. Yes, the famous brand now belongs to a Chinese company, and on the packages of these smartphones there are both versions of the product name, from Motorola or Lenovo first. Against the background of the flagship models of other manufacturers, the leader of our review stands out with an interesting implementation of a modular design. If the LG G5 SE to expand the capabilities of the smartphone has to change the standard case segment to a specialized one, thereby temporarily disconnecting the battery, then for Moto Z the corresponding operation is performed an order of magnitude easier by “applying” the desired module to the back cover. Plus, this concept is also in the fact that it fully allows the use of third-party developments. Compatible modules now include a 3-watt stereo speaker system, a good camera with 10x optical zoom, an extra rechargeable battery and a projector. With the latter, it is easy to get a picture up to 70 inches in size. Of the other advantages of the model is worth mentioning brand Moto assistant, recognizing various gestures and movements.

Main advantages:
  • efficient modular design;
  • useful and practical software "chips";
  • productive filling and high-quality AMOLED screen.
  • hybrid tray for a memory card or second SIM;
  • The fingerprint scanner is not a physical button;
  • small capacity of its own battery.
9.7 / 10
When my friends see how simple the modes are connected here, they immediately become very interested in the rest of the capabilities of the smartphone.

Best Lenovo Intermediate Smartphone

Lenovo Moto M
12,500 (for a model with 32 GB memory)

Officially, the Lenovo Moto brand is due to be introduced on February 26, although some new smartphones of the company are already marked “correctly”. The situation with the Moto M ruler is more complicated, since there are several modifications of the device, promoted in different markets. It is assumed that in domestic stores will be sold devices with serial numbers XT1663 and XT1662.

Please note that the “younger” ones are much more interesting. It is built on the basis of a more powerful chip, has more RAM and a larger battery. An attractive feature of the Moto M is the effective water-repellent P2i coating. It protects the smartphone well from rain and accidental splashes, but it is still better not to drop the device in the puddles.

Another declared “feature” of the model is support for Dolby Atmos technology. How the company's specialists managed to implement multi-channel sound using a single speaker is not reported.

Finally, long-time fans of products previously produced under the Motorola brand will be able to appreciate the advantages or disadvantages of the location of the fingerprint scanner on the back cover.

Main advantages:
  • water repellent coating;
  • interesting sound;
  • USB port version 3.1.
  • overcharge;
  • a combo slot for a memory card and a second SIM card;
  • does not support all current LTE bands.
9.6 / 10
The speaker is good. Loud and without third-party sounds. I really liked the software interface of the camera. Everything is clear and understandable. And the metal case is generally a bomb.

Lenovo's Best Long Term Smartphone

Lenovo P2
12 500

The first generation of Lenovo smartphones with a capacious battery was already greeted by potential buyers with great enthusiasm. Travelers, business travelers, and simply active users have been waiting for such offers from leading manufacturers for a long time, but so far there is little choice, and the company's new product may well count on good demand.

The P2 model is conveniently implemented to control the mode of maximum energy saving - with the help of a mechanical switch on the side face. Activate the state of "just a phone" and return the remaining possibilities to the device here with the movement of one finger. By the way, Lenovo marketers promise up to five days of work in emergency mode. Compared with the “long-playing” smartphones of little-known Chinese brands, the model under consideration is much thinner, better and more functional. At the same time, it is equipped with an excellent Super AMOLED display, a brisk modern filling and a fingerprint scanner built into the physical key.

Main advantages:
  • very high autonomy;
  • convenient navigation panel with integrated fingerprint scanner;
  • works on all 4G frequencies used by us;
  • good sound;
  • bright and juicy screen.
  • combined tray for a second SIM card or microSD;
  • camera without optical stabilization;
  • mediocre built-in player.
9.8 / 10
Lenovo P2 is a good smartphone. It is very convenient that 4G works on both sim cards. Chic battery. I forgot when I last charged the phone in the middle of the day.

Lenovo's Best Phablet

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro
19 000

We consider Lenovo Phab 2 Pro to be the best Lenovo large-screen smartphone. The main feature of this model is the support of augmented reality technology Tango AR. Thanks to two separated cameras and some sensors, the smartphone is able to create a three-dimensional picture of the environment and track its own movements in real time. Such a room navigator or 3D-scanner, allowing, for example, to obtain the size of objects without a ruler.

If such a “trick” you are not interested, and a large screen diagonal is required, pay attention to the model Phab 2 Plus. It will cost the budget about a third cheaper, but can not boast of high gaming performance. The youngest representative of the line of modern Lenovo phablets is deprived of even a fingerprint scanner.

We recommend the older model because it is equipped with an infrared module that allows you to control household appliances, communicates faster with LTE, supports all current ranges in such networks (this is a modification with a serial number PB2-690M), and Full HD resolution for the screen with a diagonal of 6.4 "is not enough.

Main advantages:
  • Tango AR technology support;
  • high speed of exchange in 4G networks (Cat.9);
  • infrared port.
  • hybrid slot "memory card / second SIM";
  • weak battery for a screen with such a diagonal and resolution;
  • price performance platform does not match.
9.6 / 10
The cool thing is Tango. It is a pity that the size of the smartphone is not pocket and the processor is not the top one.

The most practical smartphone Lenovo

Lenovo K6 Note
19 000

Lenovo’s most affordable and affordable smartphones are unremarkable, but the K6 Note mid-budget model might be interesting for many. First of all, a sufficiently capacious rechargeable battery, which lasts a charge for about a couple of days. Of course, if you exploit the device without fanaticism.

We also note a bright screen with the correct color and large viewing angles. Surprisingly, his matrix is ​​able to demonstrate decent contrast and really black color. Well, the metal case with curved glass add attractive models. Music lovers this smartphone as a possible purchase is better not to consider. The same can be advised and lovers on occasion to take pictures. Unless fans of self will be satisfied.

Main advantages:
  • capacious battery;
  • high-quality display;
  • good front camera.
  • combined card tray;
  • no fast charge mode;
  • mediocre sound.
9.5 / 10
The camera takes high-quality pictures, but there is no stabilization. You have to clearly fix the smartphone, otherwise the photo will be blurry. Separate wow! battery deserves.

In our review, the representative of another Lenovo sub-brand, ZUK, would look organically. For example, the model Z2, with a flagship filling and a very attractive price tag. Alas, they practically do not occur in the mass trading network. However, even the considered models allow you to choose a good Lenovo smartphone for any task, you just need to decide on your priorities. Happy shopping!

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