11 best therapeutic toothpastes

What toothpastes are better - for paradontosis, caries and other oral diseases? Dentist answers

In various diseases of the oral cavity the use of medicinal toothpastes can have a positive effect. Since hygiene procedures are carried out twice a day, the components contained in the paste regularly enter the body, providing a local therapeutic effect. The choice of toothpaste depends on the pathology that has developed in the oral cavity. For diseases of the gums and periodontal disease, multiple caries, and hypersensitivity of the enamel, pastes specially designed to alleviate the patient's condition are used.

Consider the ranking of the best pastes that dentists prescribe in the treatment and prevention of oral diseases.

The best toothpastes used for periodontal disease and bleeding gums

With the development of gingivitis (inflammatory gum disease) or periodontitis (inflammation of periodontal tissues), the dentist, along with conservative and surgical treatment methods, usually prescribe a special paste, the functions of which are:

  • Reduction of bleeding
  • Removal of puffiness
  • Elimination of hyperemia or cyanosis,
  • Relief of pain.

It should be noted that anti-parodontoznye toothpastes can only eliminate the symptoms of the disease, and not cure the disease. Therefore, they are prescribed as an addition to dental treatment.

The first place in the rating is occupied by pastes of the company Lacalut.

The German company Lacalut has developed two pastes that can be used for periodontal diseases Lacalut active and Lacalut phytoformula. Consider the composition and advantages of each of them.

Lacalut fitoformula

Rating: 10.0

It contains aluminum lactate, sodium fluoride and a complex of anti-inflammatory plant components (extracts from sage, St. John's wort, myrrh, ratania). Due to the astringent action of aluminum lactate, the paste excellently suppresses bleeding, relieves inflammation with the help of the effects of herbal ingredients. The use of this tool is recommended for inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and as a continuation of treatment after applying the paste Lakalut active. Due to fluorine compounds, it can have a prophylactic anticaries effect.

Lacalut aktiv

Rating: 9.9

The paste contains the antiseptic chlorhexidine, lactate and aluminum fluoride, as well as anti-inflammatory components - bisabolol, allantoin. It has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect after the first use. Fluorine compounds that are part of the paste have a remineralizing effect. Most often, the paste is prescribed for 10-20 days as a supplement to the course of treatment for periodontal disease. Constant use of the paste is not recommended because it contains chlorhexidine. After the course of treatment it is recommended to use Lakalut phytoformula paste.

Second place ranking - pasta Parodotax

Rating: 9.5

There are two options parodontaks parodontoznogo paste - with fluorine and without. The formulation of this pasta produced by an English company has not changed since the end of the ІXX century. This is a completely natural product, which consists of extracts of peppermint, echinacea, sage, chamomile, myrrh, ratanii. In addition to herbal ingredients, mineral salts and zinc citrate are included in the recipe. The tool has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, astringent and antibacterial effect and a salty taste. When combining the pathologies of the gums with carious lesions, it is preferable to use Parodontax with fluoride.

Third place - President exclusive paste

Rating - 9.0

This Italian pasta contains antiseptic hexetidine, thyme extract, propolis, sodium fluoride. Due to the content of the antiseptic it has pronounced anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It is not advisable to use more than two weeks, after the relief of signs of inflammation, it is recommended to switch to other toothpastes.

The best toothpastes that do not contain fluoride

The use of toothpastes without fluoride is relevant in those regions where its content in water is increased (more than 1 mg per liter). In Russia, such regions are located in the Moscow, Tambov, and Tver regions, in Siberia, and in the Urals. On the packaging of such a paste should not be such names - olafluur (aminofluoride), fluoride of tin, aluminum, sodium, monofluorophosphate.

First place in the ranking among toothpastes without fluoride occupy pastes company Splat

The Russian company produces two varieties of pastes that do not contain fluorine compounds - Splat-biocalcium and Splat-maximum, both deservedly occupy the first place in the rating.

Pasta Splat - biocalcium

Rating: 10.0

The paste contains calcium lactate, hydroxyapatite, polydon and papain. Calcium compounds provide enamel remineralization, and polydone and papain dissolve plaque on the teeth, facilitating its easy removal. The effectiveness of a paste with hydroxyapatite depends on the size of the particles. The smaller their size - the faster and deeper they penetrate into the tooth tissue. The manufacturer claims that fine particles are used to make this paste, and we have no reason not to believe his words.

Pasta Splat-maximum

Rating: 10.0

In addition to the components of the composition of the previous paste in the Splat-max includes licorice extract, zinc citrate and a complex of enzymes. Hydroxyapatite penetrates the tissues of the tooth, promoting their remineralization, enzymes. Polydon and papain destroy plaque, zinc citrate provides freshness in the mouth.

The second place in the ranking is President unigue pasta.

Rating: 9.5

Includes three compounds pantetonat, lactate and calcium glycerol phosphate, which provide easy absorption of calcium by dental enamel. Papain provides the dissolution of plaque, and xylitol inhibits its formation and neutralizes the acidic environment of the oral cavity. One of the drawbacks is the content of potassium salt, which reduces the sensitivity of enamel. The use of pastes with this effect is recommended for hypersensitivity in the form of a course of treatment. Because daily use can reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings and hide the first symptoms of caries.

Third place ranking - pasta R.O.K.S. for adults

Rating: 9.0

This paste is produced by a Russian company and contains calcium glycerophosphate, bromelain, xylitol. Bromelain dissolves plaque, xylitol prevents the development of caries, providing an effect that inhibits the growth rate of bacteria, neutralizing the acidic environment. Calcium glycerophosphate mineralizes enamel. The big plus is the variety of choice of tastes (more than 10). Abrasiveness does not exceed the norm for daily use. The big disadvantage is the overcharge.

The best therapeutic toothpastes for caries based on fluorine compounds

Paste with a therapeutic effect differs from what is intended for daily use, the number of fluorine compounds contained in them. paste with a therapeutic effect are used not only for prevention, but also for the treatment of the initial stage of caries of white or chalky spots. All medicinal pastes can be applied in the course of 2-4 weeks, after which you must take a break of at least two months. Pastes with an anticaries effect on the basis of calcium compounds are discussed above.

First place ranking - President classic paste

Rating: 10.0

The composition includes sodium fluoride, sage extract, lemon balm and chamomile apothecary, mint oil, xylitol. As you can see, the paste contains natural ingredients, therapeutic concentration of fluoride has an anti-caries effect, herbal extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect, and xylitol neutralizes the acidic environment in the oral cavity and has the ability to stop the development of cariogenic microorganisms. Peppermint oil provides the effect of freshness.

The second place ranking - paste Silca

Rating: 9.5

The German company Silka produces two types of toothpaste against caries - Herbal Complete and Natural Extrakte.. Both include sodium fluoride and urea, but differ in the composition of herbal supplements. They have a remarkable anti-caries effect, and due to the herbs in the composition they do not allow the development of gingivitis, carbamide dissolves plaque, facilitating its elimination. Essential oils provide a pleasant taste and smell.

Third place - Elmex paste - caries protection

Rating: 9.0

Producer - the Chinese company Colgate. The paste is based on aminofluoride, suitable for daily use, because it does not contain antibiotics and other components that require the use of paste courses.


The choice of therapeutic toothpaste should be entrusted to the dentist, because he knows about all the problems of your oral cavity, understands the composition and action of certain toothpastes and may prescribe a means for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity.

Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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