5 reasons to urgently buy an aerator

Easy and legal way to save on water consumption

Inflation, rising costs of life, and similar negative news flow daily from the TV screen and in no way add a good mood. This is especially noticeable when payments for utility services come. Communal benefits are constantly becoming more expensive. How, without indulging in the usual comfort, to reduce the payment of consumed resources, in particular water (cold and hot)? Come to the aid of water-saving nozzles on the crane. Miracle of modern technology, which allows significantly (according to statistics - up to half of the monthly volume) to save water. The saturation of the flowing water with air leads to a reduction of its flow rate and an improvement in consumer characteristics.

Consider the positive feedback from users and we will highlight 5 of the main reasons for promptly acquiring water savings.

  1. Main reason - reduced utility bills. By reducing the consumption of hot and cold water, as well as the associated drainage, it is possible to significantly reduce the figures in the Zhekovskoy receipt. The installed aerator will allow you to spend the money saved on more pleasant things.
  2. Simplest installation. Most of the nozzles are manufactured according to plumbing standards, so their installation is very easy, does not require special skills.
  3. Increased comfort when using water. Water economists provide a uniform water flow, eliminating splashes and water hammering. They can change the direction of the jet, which is very convenient in the kitchen when washing dishes. There are two modes of operation: a lot of small jets or a stronger head with a smaller jet. The first is suitable for washing hands and dishes, and the second - for water in the tank.
  4. This method of saving water is absolutely legal.. Unlike fraudulent appliances for energy saving, water-saving attachments are completely legal and do not violate any regulations. The penalty from regulatory authorities does not threaten the owner.
  5. Do not disturb the ecology of the home. Almost all bona fide manufacturers make their products from resistant plastic that is safe for humans or stainless steel. Water passing through the aerator is not saturated with harmful substances.

In addition to the simplest nozzles on the mixer, there are also more complex devices on the market that guarantee maximum saving of water resources. In particular, the development is successfully implemented, which supplies water only when it is necessary. So, when washing your hands or brushing your teeth every morning, up to 15 liters of H2O can be spent per minute, which in no way corresponds to the real need. The built-in photo sensor of the device reacts sensitively to approaching the tap of human hands or a glass for water and turns on the water. As soon as the hands are removed from under the mixer, the flow of water immediately stops.

Saving up to 70% of water consumption and drainage to its owners, this device still eliminates the need to constantly clean the polished surface of plumbing fixtures, since it is no longer necessary to touch them with dirty hands to start up water. The response distance (start-up of water) is adjusted to specific needs and can vary from 5 mm to 25 cm. The electric shock is also excluded, since the device is powered by batteries that last a year.

Saving money on rent from the very first days after installation, such smart appliances installed throughout the apartment will pay for themselves in a few months and will continue to bring an annual profit of thousands of rubles.

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