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Food processor Kenwood FP925

Kenwood FP925 food processor - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Type of combine Power 1000 W Bowl capacity 3 l Blender available, volume 1.5 l Control number of speeds: 2, pulsed mode Included Citrus juicer / universal Meat mincer no Grinder is Universal nozzles knife, nozzle for the dough, nozzle for beating, a disk for french fries, a grater, a nozzle for slicing n Shovel is Features Features Bowl: plastic, blender: glass Storage place The power cord has a storage compartment dimensions and weight Weight 8.

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Do ultrasonic washing machines work?

Or is it a greeting from Leni Golubkov? Advertising ultrasonic washing machines appeared in the media about 20 years ago. It would seem that here it is - a miracle of technology! No effort, a minimum of electricity, almost a teaspoon of detergent - and the hostess’s dream of snow-white linen will come true. “Hummingbird” came to replace “Retone”, then “Bionics” appeared on the market, and each time the manufacturers claimed that this was the latest development of the most secret laboratory of the most closed scientific research institute.

Competent choice of uninterruptible power supply

Safe shutdown of the computer in the event of a power failure. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or Uuninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is an electronic device with a rechargeable battery designed to provide short-term power to personal computers, home appliances and other devices in the event of an abrupt change or disconnection of the voltage in an electrical network.

Camera Description Nikon D4s

Nikon D4s camera - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Specifications Matrix Total number of pixels 16.6 million Effective pixels 16.2 million 3200 ISO, Auto ISO Enhanced ISO ISO ISO6400, ISO12800, ISO25600, ISO51200, ISO102400 Matrix cleaning Torus image (photography) is missing. Shooting modes. Shooting speed 10.

15 best lipsticks

Lipstick is melting on tender lips ... How does the secret process of choosing the best lipstick go? It all starts with a visual delight: yes, I want to pick up this case! Then, when the fingers felt all the lines of the anticipated purchase, you can begin to choose the color. It's all very, very difficult - you never know what the starting desire “something more modest” will turn out to be.

8 best network filters

Connecting multiple devices to a single outlet. Author: Vladimir Nizhenets It is difficult to imagine a modern apartment without a single network filter. The surge protector will help protect appliances from power surges, power surges, short circuits, and other power supply problems. Evaluating network filters from the point of view of energy efficiency, we need to consider three constructive approaches: a single switch is a reasonable option if all powered devices have their own switch; common + separate switches for each outlet - such a surge protector is best suited for powering scattered equipment; has the function Master / Slave - this model is convenient in the presence of dependent equipment (computer / monitor, TV / tuner, player / speakers).

Choosing a waterproof laminate for the kitchen

Whether or not to put laminate in the kitchen? And how to choose the material correctly? Answers in the article. Traditional tiles in our latitudes, where weather cannot be called warm for at least six months, will require the installation of floor heating, especially if children or elderly people live in an apartment for whom contact with cold ceramics is highly undesirable.

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5 best adhesives for non-woven wallpaper

Who do we put on the walls? Non-woven wallpaper - one of the most specific materials for wall decoration. The uniqueness here is observed in everything: from the structure of the canvas to the method of pasting, which plunges many beginners into confusion. Do not be afraid to buy non-woven wallpaper, even if you have never pasted wallpaper before!

Description of water heater Timberk SWH FE5 50

Water heater Timberk SWH FE5 50 - characteristics Technical characteristics Technical characteristics Type of water heater accumulative Heating method electric Heating element tubular Tank volume 50 l Water supply method pressure Rated power 2 kW Mains voltage 220 V Comfort Electronic control, display, remote control Functions on indicator, heating indicator , thermometer, accelerated heating Safety Protection Heating temperature limit, magnesium anode, overheating protection Internal tank coating enamel Step Water protection 4 Features Installation Vertical, lower eyeliner, mounting method: wall-mounted Additional information two-tank capacity with a system of three overflows; child protection; sound indication

12 best varieties of clematis

Description of the best varieties of clematis - according to reviews of gardeners Clematis - flowering perennial climbing plants for pergolas, arches and arbors. Rarely, creeping ground covers occur, giving abundant blooms with horizontal growth. We present you the description and photos of the best varieties of clematis - according to experienced gardeners.

Description of the camera Nikon D810

Nikon D810 photo camera - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics Matrix Total number of pixels 37.09 million Number of effective pixels 36.3 million Size Full frame (35.9 x 24 mm) Crop factor 1 Maximum resolution 7360 x 4912 Matrix type CMOS Color depth 42 bits Sensitivity 64 - 3200 ISO, Auto ISO Enhanced ISO values ​​ISO6400, ISO12800, ISO25600, ISO51200 The matrix cleaning function is Functionality White balance automatic, manual setting, from the list, bracketing Built-in flash, up to 12 m, red-eye reduction, shoe, sync Bracketing image stabilizer (photographing) is missing shooting modes shooting speed is 5 frame.

10 best face masks

There is no limit to perfection. Face masks are the real secret weapon of women. These concentrated multi-component blends, designed for intensive face and neck care, are capable of solving an incredible number of tasks - moisturize, nourish, dry, exfoliate, tone, whiten, rejuvenate.

10 best raspberry varieties

Description of the best varieties of the sweetest raspberry reviews gardeners Raspberry - a popular and useful summer berry. Old adapted varieties in Central Russia are characterized by unpretentiousness and vitality. At the site raspberries can even behave aggressively, capturing new territories and expanding the borders of raspberry trees.

12 best places for a beach holiday

The most pleasant vacation on the sea Summer is getting closer, it's time to think about where to spend it. It was on the threshold of the summer season that we ranked the best places for beach holidays in Europe, Russia and exotic countries. Not sure where to go? Get acquainted! Leave aside the European resorts that offer holidays on the Black Sea.

Description of the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad G505s

Notebook Lenovo IdeaPad G505s - advantages, disadvantages, specifications Specifications Type Type Type: laptop Operating system Operating system: DOS / Win 8 64 / Without OS Processor Type of processor Processor type: A10 / A6 / A8 Processor code Processor code: 4500/5750 / 5350M / 5200 / 5550M / 4500M / 5750M / 5550 Processor core Processor core: / Richland / Trinity / Kabini Processor frequency Processor frequency: 1900… 2900 MHz Number of processor cores Number of processor cores: 2/4 L2 cache volume L2 cache size: 1 MB / 2 Mb / 4 Mb Memory The size of RAM The size of RAM: 4 ... 8 b Memory Type Type of memory: of DDR3 Screen Size Screen Size: 15.

9 best metal detectors

Looking for the best metal detector. Today we will introduce you to the most popular in Russia in 2015 and metal detectors. In this article you will learn about the best metal detectors, which are designed specifically for searching for coins, ancient relics, pieces of iron, non-ferrous metals, etc. in the ground.

7 best car antennas

In the zone of confident reception The main task of a good car antenna is a high-quality signal reception. But which model to choose depends on the needs of the motorist. One is enough to listen to the radio, while others want to watch TV-programs and use the navigator on the way. For the third important quality work with the radio.

9 best bottles for newborns

Favorite bottle for babies Even under the condition that the mother is going to feed the baby exclusively with breast milk, just in case you should have at least one baby bottle at home. And the mothers of babies-artificials need a whole arsenal of this necessary “dishes”. How to choose the best bottles for a newborn?

15 best spinning

Rods on a large scale There are many parameters by which the fisherman chooses a rod for himself. And only one thing - the favorite design - as a rule, remains the same criterion of choice once and for all. In our rating the best spinning rods of different designs are presented, which will allow everyone to make a choice according to their preferences and habits.